GZ will not allow me to host multiplayer


Hi all - have both Alpine and FNIX DLC’s and used to be able to host multiplayer until my old comp crashed. Have new comp, but when I go to host multiplayer, does not show options for # of players, type of game, etc. What do I need to do, as I would like some company to plus up rivals and get some prime loot! Thanks for any help!


These show up only when you are looking to join MP game. If you want to be the host, then in Multiplayer settings, once you’re in your solo game, toggle “Who can join” to “Anyone”. After that, it’s just matter of time when someone joins your game.

Also, GZ has seamless multiplayer where people can join your solo game to create multiplayer game. Similar as it is in such games like: Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2 and The Crew. There is no dedicated menu to “start hosting MP game” within GZ.