H5 Submission Gun Cant Be Picked

yesterday and today
all of suddenly you can pick you H5 Submachine Gun
even do you can add as a item the latest weapon you had on will appear instead

also seen a glitch where you all of suddenly walks on ground and you are just in water
and you keep on respawning inside water

i just wonder i heard you would do a new update with new content in weeks
but how about fixing like these glitches to
and game crashes that happens when you play a party of 4

this is of cause for PS 4 so might not be the same for PC
even the graphic has been a bit of let down after the August update
it was better before the update and seems like more glitches has happened ever since
i was satisfied with the small glitches that their was before
but now not be able to select weapons it gets irritating
so a bug fix is highly needed to and not just a in game update