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So i have a save on pc with 2 of my friends. I have the hack specialization. Normally a succesfully hacked machine makes a noise and gets a blue glow. This doesnt always seem to work tho. Sometimes i hack a machine and i dont get the glow, but my friends do. Also sometimes it doesnt even give a glow at all, but the machine is still hacked. So sometimes ur in a situation where for example 2 hunters are fighting, because you hacked one of them. You dont know which one youve hacked, and that can be confusing. I dont know if you guys are already aware of this, but i hope that this will get fixed in the future. Great game tho, lots of fun and action. Keep up the good work!

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I am also struggling with this, I am playing in a game of two (me and my friend) and most of the time it doest show my the visual or audio que when I hack a machine. It makes me consider if my thoughts that the machines had a lower chance than shown to be hacked might just be that i could never that they were. (It says 20% but it takes more than 5 attempts. Might just be unlucky). Hopefully this will get patched soon.

Edit: I play on steam.

20% chance doesn’t mean that you have a guarantee for success within 5 attempts.
It can still mean that you fail the first 80 of 100 attempts and then have 20 times success.
But even this isn’t guaranteed, as it doesn’t count all your attempts.

It’s still a chance.

Yeah I know still that was just an example that maybe I am not unlucky with the chance but just can’t see that the machine is hacked

PlayStation 4 Pro
My friend uses the Hack skill And for a short time I did and many times I could not see the hack glow of unit he hacked and he could not see mine. Also when multiple units were hacked some glowed some didn’t. But most recently I nor he could see the hack glow even though a successful hack was obtained when the Hunter started attacking the others.
PS4 Pro, PS5 player 2

Can confirm, happening to me, too.

Platform: PC, Steam.

Description: When successfully hacking a machine, the blue glow and the sound cue do not appear. The hacked machine (in this case, a Hunter) appears to be shooting at the sky for no reason.

Steps To Reproduce: Sucessfully hack a machine.

Images / Videos: N/A

Host or Client: Host, playing online with 2 connected clients.

Specifications: Windows 11 / AMD Ryzen 7 7700X / NVidia GeForce RTX 4070