Hacker Skill - Is it broken / bugged, or am I just doing something wrong?

I loved the idea of the hacker skill - turning robots against each other. So I’ve invested my points into that tree. However, I’m not not sure if I’m just a moron and not doing something right, or if the skill is actually bugged.

I’ve tried to use it many times when fighting a large enemy like Tank or Harvester with an Runner / Hunter escort. I take out the binoculars, switch view mode, and “remote hack”.

At that point, absolutely nothing happens except I can no longer use the ability after having used it that initial time.

I’ve tried marking other enemies in hopes that my hacked robot will attack them, but they only attack me and my friends. I’ve tried this easily a dozen times (probably more) since acquiring the skill, and have never had it work.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something, or is the skill bugged / broken?

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I get the same behaviour, playing on PC. Hack an enemy, enemies near the hacked enemy go yellow, and just continue patrolling. Doesn’t appear to be working as intended. I really hope the upcoming patch clears up a load of these bugs, because however much I’m enjoying the atmosphere and premise of the game, its really frustrating to come up against so many things which should not have made a “final release”.

Me also. Seems a bug. First skill
Confuses them.
The main specialized turn them against them. Nope. This game us so bugged. To the Dev team.
Don’t give up.

This issue seems to be resolved. Logged in at a church surrounded by tank, harvester, 3 groups of hunters and a bunch of runners. After ringing the bell and getting their attention, I started using my hacks and turned them on each other.

I’m now quite happy I invested in this skill tree.

glad to hear mate but it sure isn’t fixed on my side even after this weeks patch. When i hack and it works rarely the hacked robot will just stand there stupidly and do nothing. this still needs a lot of work

Issue isn’t fixed for my co-op friend, either. Same issue where buying the last skill breaks the ability entirely.

Hi everyone,

For me it is a mixed result. The hack succeeds, or not, according to the percentage indicated at the bottom. When it does (or sems to rather) there is a sort of electical burst. Then, the robot usually (but not always) attacks other robots. Like for other stuff it is difficult to know if this is intended or ‘just’ a bug.
I like the idea of a percentage so that the hack isn’t a godmode like thing. However, the result, when it works, isn’t very impressive most of the time (I mean when the robot does attack). To finish with, it seems that when the hack is a success it give your position away to all robots nearby.

Great game anyway.


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It doesnt work for me either. Hope they fix it in the next update.

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Hacker skill ( enemy hacked ) has never worked as we would expect , and ( Ticks ) used to drop before april 12th update, now they drop nothing , i am sure i heard on a dev stream that these problems are being looked at for next patch ( so ask the PC users as they already have update we console users are eagerly waiting on ) .

For me it works fine, it only seems to work on hunters and runners and is a slow way to thin out the packs but I think it has a good balance, if it was much better it would be op. But I do whish it would generate at least some xp when it is successfull.

One thing though is that it seems that if I was not able to hack a machine it is usually not worth trying again. It seems like the probablitiy is only applied once to determine if a machine is hackable or not and not every time I try.

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