Hacker Skill Nerfed To Death

Hacker skill is almost worthless since the patch changes and with the absences of a respec Im considering dropping the game as im not investing another 40 hours just to get back to where I was.

All those points to get to the one skill I wanted just down the drain, since the patch ive not had one successful hack this needs changing asap.

From what I read in the patch log, hacking now has a cooldown and can be used more than once per combat. So from what I understood, quite different, but not “worse”.

It didn’t work at all for me before the patch. Was very disappointing to have invested all those points.

Since the patch, it’s been working. I’ve used it. But whether or not it works is chance based and it tells you what your chances of a successful hack are. But of course with luck being what it is, when you need it to work most, you won’t get it.

I think it is alot better now. Not only can you see what your chances are to succeed, the hacked machine glows blue when it is hacked and you have a counter telling you how long until the cool down is over. The effectiveness varies a lot tough, runners are the ones that most often destroy each others but hunters also work reasonably well.

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