Hacker Specialist improvement

Unfortunately the perk seems to be a waste of time on anything bigger than hunters.
I have sat in this spot (refer image) and hit the Tank (15% chance) and the Harvester (30% chance) 10 times each… And no success.
I appreciate that hacking to get these guys ‘on-side’ might be a game breaker, so how’s about having it that they are succumbed for 50% of the time that would normally be applicable to the smaller bots?
Otherwise, it’s just false advertising saying there’s a 30% chance if hacking :joy:

edit: sorry, should have zoomed the phone and instead it looks like a d!ck swing - wasn’t my intention

:joy: that was my first thought

I agree with you in general, but a chance of 30% doesn’t mean that every third try has to be succesful. This could, for bad luck, even happen if there would be a chance of 90%.

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I appreciate that, I’ve tried numerous other times as well to try eliminate the ‘bad luck’ possibility… And same results every time