Hacking gives away position

Just wodering if anyone else has the same experience after patch? The hacking perk now work allright but every time I succeed it seems to give away my position. I’ll stand a good distance from the robots and once the robots stop fighting with each others they immediately turn directly towards me, either come running or shooting accurate fire that makes it clear they know exactly where I am. If I snipe with a silencer at least it takes a few shots before they pinpoint me but with the hacking they know immediately…

As a solo player hacking is what makes it possible to take on large groups of enemies but when it gives away my position it turns into a sprinting game… :frowning_face:

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Just wanted to bump this, because it is still happening. I love hacking and use it a lot, but it’s annoying that they all suddenly know exactly where I am. I guess you could explain it somewhat by them sensing the direction and signal strength of the hack, but if I move away they definitely shouldn’t know.

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I have kept this a little bit weird thing from the start of the game, when acquired hacking skill.

Revealing you position, i have always think its like triangulation done by robots. Which is quite realistic thing to happen.

And with full hacking skill, sometimes enemy just waits 0-20 seconds or more before attacking their friends. I think that should be instant, attacks closest target immediately.
I have managed to hack tanks couple of times, i dont usually even try with that 10% chance. But then just observer them to casually walk 40 seconds and not doing anything. That is super aggravating.

Off topic:
More an idea to change hacking. Hacking should start from 0%, and it would go up by time how long you keep hacking that target. And you would need to keep target in sight. More time you spend hacking, more time robots have to detect the signal. So you could try to get 100% on those big guys, and down side would need to expose yourself a long time to robots. Also robot class should affect how fast that hack chance % goes up. And skill’s affecting that speed. Maybe distance could be factor too, increase hacking time from longer distance. Give robots chance to react. And not make it too easy just long distance spam hacks around.


They can’t triangulate though, since only one robot gets hacked at a time. :slight_smile:

I like your suggestion! Keeping line-of-sight until the hack is complete sounds much better than the current system of chance.

I still have this problem but I am guessing it is intended behaviour and a way to make it a trade off to use it. I have found however that if I brake line of sight and more away from my position they usually loose track of me pretty quick. So I usually hack a hunter/runner and then move away breaking line of sight and wait for them to finish fighting and loosing track of me before hacking again.

I wanted to report this as a bug as well, but found that you have already opened this topic. I personally hate the idea of Triangulation, as the cool-down time and hacking success percentage is reducing the “overpowerness” of this skill. I mean 40% success on Hunter (That is not the strongest machine in the game) plus enemies detecting you? They already have this large distance gas mortar or sniper attack that cuts your lifebar in half. Combined with Level cap I would not choose this skill as points might be spent better elsewhere.

I think it might be great to consider the detection a bug. I guess as the enemy is allying with you, him being attacked feeds from the same “detection meter” as yours. This is why “you” enter the fight and your position is revealed and the machines are targeting you.