Hacking special feature

Many people wanted the hacking special to allow you to hack tanks or harvesters and make them attack eachother, but what about actually controlling them? See their pov, see through their eyes and use their abilities, that would bring actual meaning into the special

how whould we be able to see out of their pov with binoculars?


I assume the same way as the remote controlled tick DLC?

That’s a remote controlled tick.
You have a transmitter with a trigger and in the RC tick there is a receiver.

The binocular hacking doesn’t have that. And the machines don’t have a receiver… At least there is no info about that.

It’s thinkable, that with the hacking dart there could be such an ability. The hacking function in the dart, an antenna for a receiver in the dart and a remote control in your hands. Voila.


What about a helmet that controls them like the helmets they use in Apache Helicopters.