Ideas on hacking bots where they follow you around and you can give them commands? What is everyone’s thoughts on this? Would be a Skill/Perk based item i’d think. I know we have something similar already but once you hack them they do their own thing.

I’d like to roll over a hill with 4 APOC Hunters in tow into a fight with the Reaper.

I like that idea. Would we be able to repair them if damaged or would they just fight until death? Also would there be a time limit on how long they stay under our control?

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yes but 4 APOC tanks v reaper

if this was a thing the game already feels easy, so maybe only hunters, runners, ticks, seekers as distractions maybe. and there would either be low chance of success or it would cost high resources

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Giving the Side Missions by Veronica in South Coast in the Fnix Rissing DLC
I can’t help but think it will be something that would involve Veronica when we meet her again ^.^


In the Mission “Virus” you enter several Fnix outposts in the South Coast and hack the Mainframe
In the First one the hacked machines fight other Fnix machines (that spawns outside the base)
in the Second the hacked machines just blow up a few seconds after being activated
in the Third and final a Rival Fnix Runner Rival spawns [Edvard “The Vaccine”] and a Apoc Runner

Not my video, but here are some Timestams for Key parts in the mission:

To me it ended with a question, as if this wasn’t the final part of it of this Mission.
So I’ve been thinking if/when we meet her Again she, Maybe with some help from Patrik, (From Bjørntunet on Himfjall)
Or new Character that have been in talks with the others
would together have found have out to get a Runner disconnected from Fnix and be Friendly to the resistance acting as a Mechanical Guard dog.

So I’d be Wondering if there would be a DLC with a Mission where you’ll acquired a Friendly Companion Runner?
That you could customize with Color and upgrade with Armored platting, some cosmetics like headwear, small flag on it’s back with the Resistance logo, chain or bandana around neck?
and to equip a Weapon (Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, LMGs, Missile/Grenade weapons, but no Sniper weapon)

and Setting it’s behavior:
Pack Mule: can carry any kind of items, but will not fight aside kicking
Seeker: Spotting and highlighting enemies for you, can only be equipped with Binocular and vision mods
Combat: Fights along with you, can carry 1 weapon (all but Sniper Rifles) and Specific (Like Turrets for Bases)

or if you have the “Healer” Skill it could be equipped with Medical items and Adrenaline shots
and run around and heal and revive you or your Friends/Co-op Players.

It probably should also mimic the players Crouch and prone stances while not in combat

It would also be interesting if it could respond to hand motion emotes:
Point (go to or attack), Wave (wait here), Beacon (Follow), Thumbs up/Celebrate (who’s a good boy?) ^.^

Maybe it could have icon over it like a Player have their Steam-name, so you can see where it is among all the other machines
and show on map if it is not Following you, so you can find where you told it to stay put ^.~

and probably should be able to revive itself after combat with 1 health (and come back to you)
that you then can repair with Steel, Lead, Aluminum, Titanium and Tungsten up to it’s max health. (each metal material scale in healing power with it’s Tier)
Also Armored Plating would increase it’s health depending on the Upgrade tier: Steel → Lead → -> Aluminum → Titanium → Tungsten → err Cement? <.<;

Maybe it should be limited to 1 per world, Probably the host Player?


honestly i would love a runner companion. i know many will say that it doesnt fit into generation zero grand incredible world ( sarcasm for no reason ) but the game is already becoming something completely different than its original stealth/survival thing into more of a shoot the robots because cool.

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Yeah, it was really weird how that mission just… Ended. And then there was never any mention of it again. Seemed like sort of a big deal.

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It would only be good if it were limited to the smaller ones eg hunters runners seekers lynx

A tank or harvester or reaper or wolf would just be game braking


exactly my point. it should also either cost a material or have a low chance to be successfull. there might be the issue of saving your captured machines though, the world seems to kinda reset machines spawns when the game starts up

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Saving it would be easy as it could be saved as part of player data.

Also would need to be limited to 1 at a time


maybe they could be spawnable at the vehicle station or smth

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I were Thinking that if this were a DLC, that it also would include a Build able Doghouse for you Bases, where you could pickup your companion Runner
if it got destroyed, lost or somehow glitched out.

Probably default near the NPC whom were Relevant to the Mission (if there were a Mission)
or Both ^.~

Indeed, Though i generally see it being a Runner as Veronica had some success rewriting their code
and so for nothing else have been hacked outside the hacker specialization

Landfall Spoilers

Aside the Soviet machines that Balshakov presumably did something too
Tatiana, mentioned that she could probably could reset the Soviet machines via access to the Command Interface.
so Tatiana probably could be the Mechanic? that might be able to use Veronica’s Hacking Device that we probably still have as i don’t recall returning it.

Although i think a Hunter companion should be something unique to Tatiana
Though it is Pretty much Fnix keeping an eye on her
But probably also chose this machine as it resembles a Human, though it Towers over far most of us <.<;

On the other hand The Lynx is similar to Runners
and options doesn’t Hurt
But you should probably only be able to 1 of them active (and the other could stay with the NPC)

Also as understand The soviet machines are very different to the Fnix machines
If they were not Fnix would already had taken some over Via Ticks Hijacking them
(as there have been many instances of Ticks hacking into things)
Whom say we might not encounter that happening in the the future?

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A runner would make the easyest in terms of balance and story.
Could even set it up that you have to find one of those powered down runners to do it. Or find a way to power one down.

Definitely like the doghouse idea.
I would also think making them have inventory and “equiped weapon” would also open them up an balance them in one smooth action. The runner weapons could even be limited to weapons looted from other runners that are easily scrapable like any other gun.
Also add armor upgrades and “repair packs” and you easily have a companion comparable to another player and have it counted as one in terms of difficulty.

Also when destroyed it could go back to the dog house as a sort of respawn but lays dead instead of just comming back

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i think a fun idea for capturing a runner would be if you could craft something to take them let me explain. if you get the skill hacker you unlocked the ability to craft and use a data stick thing. you craft it with titanium uranium and other materials sure. to capture a machine you EMP it and stab its head with your hacker stick thingy. then the machine stays in its emp state for a few minutes until it becomes yours

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Not bad.
Just like this device from the fnix rising story?
I always wondered, why there wasn’t more use for after the story.

But “your device” could indeed have an additional use: open doors of fnix bases, overcharge of the orange fuel cells at fnix walls (selfdestruct for a wall element), hacking of the fnix spawn generstors (for some friendly units to support you; get destroyed when the generator or the fnix base get destroyed),…


Could be that it is tied to the Virus side-mission where use the device Veronica made then a Named Runner i released from it’s holding pen
Which you’ll have to knock out by EMP blast
(Though that probably means there should be a recovery step of you mess it up, like a “Bike race”)

Like @Moldyaco mentioned, you then hit it with an equitable tool, that you previously collected material to craft or have a NPC put together for you.

And as @Madchaser said the Tool could probably be integrated into a usable weapon afterwards
where it used Batteries for “Ammo”?
That will cause Hit machines to not detect to see you for a moment (and forgot they were hit) walking around confused, but hitting them with another weapon will remove the effect
and if you have “Hacker” Cause Runners and Lynx you hit to fight for you for a moment before blowing themselves up ;p

I were thinking of having different modes, so it had multiple uses ^.~

Combat Mode

would make you were able to attach one of you weapons with attachments to it
But only the kinds that Runner/Lynx could already use

  • Runner: Pistol, SMG, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, RPG
  • Lynx: Pistol, SMG, Assault Rifle, Grenade launcher, Flamethrower
  • No LMGs nor Snipers
  • Can carry a Ammo Box on it’s side that player use to draw a Magazine from by the “use-key”
  • Ammo Boxes will be replaced when it’s empty, if there is another in it’s Inventory

Can only carry Ammo for the attached weapon and Ammo Boxes no regular inventory

Spotter Mode

This idea is for a Sniper companion
That will allow it to be attached with a Binocular and Vision mods to and making it able to spot and highlight enemies for you (in Yellow outline)

  • if you have “Enemy Marking” it will increase the amount it can mark
  • if you have “Spotting Intel” it will increase the spotting range
  • Able carry Batteries that will be used when it attacks to give it’s kick an EMP Blast
  • or Tick Pods that it will release and guide towards its closet market target when in combat.

I don’t really know about about equipping it with a Sniper Rifle <.<;
IF, then it should only to attack with it on market target you’ve emote pointed at (Thous giving it the order to open fire at it)
But also make it not able to carry or use EMP Batteries for kicks or Tick pods

Maybe it could have a Laser pointer that gives your rockets some of guidance
so instead of slightly missing and fly by and past your target.
will cause some corse corrections toward the target you aimed at?

Transport Mode

Would give it an Inventory able to carry anything, But will not attack aside kicking if an enemy robot close to it attacked it, and generally would try avoid attacks.

  • Can carry a Medkit or Ammo Box that players can interact with by the “use-key”
  • Medkits or Ammo Boxes will be replaced when it’s empty, if there is another in it’s Inventory

Will visually have bags attached to it.

Field Medic Mode

Gives it the ability heal you or your co-op friends with the “First Aid Kits” it carries (Similar to the Medical Trailer)
Will avoid fighting and tries evade attacks, but focus more on running up to player(s) and healing them

  • Requires the Healer Skill, to be available
  • Uses “First Aid Kits” like the Medical Trailer
  • Uses “Adrenaline Shot” to revive downed player(s)
  • Can carry Medkits on it’s side that player use to heal themselves by the “use-key”
  • Medkit will be replaced when it’s empty, if there is another in it’s Medical Inventory

This mode also changes it’s eye light from Yellow/Red to be Green

I think it could also be that it won’t fight after it have recovered with 1hp if it were downed, till it have been repaired to a certain percentage.
and if at critical health it will be making sparks and smoke, making Hostile machines easier spot it and you.
But if it gets destroyed again before before that threshold have been meet
it would need to repaired fully before getting up again.

and If Abandoned in this state and the player fast travels away
or it being lost (or went for dive <.<)
or not within a certain distance from the player when they fast travel
then it would be moved to a “Recovery point”

Or that it could auto-use a “Repair kit” if it carries them? (like Adrenaline shots for Players)
But only use it automatically after combat (unless ordered via emote)
Probably something that can be made at the Crafting station maybe by “Accelerant”, “Electrolyte”, “Copper”, “Steel” and Titanium"?
probably the only item that it could carry regardless of which Mode is Active ^.~

But also the Dog House is an idea of where it could be if you want to go on an Hunt alone without it.