Hagaboda - fortress

I sometimes see maps of Hagaboda with a ringfort.

My map doesn’t show this.

What’s the reason for this?

Is the screenshot yours or the other one?
Do you have a counter example?

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Above is the other one.

Beneath is mine @ 101223:

The map is indeed no longer showing the wall structures on Steam PC, not sure if this is a bug or intended. Maybe @Zesiir can put it in Support and Bugs reports?

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Done and done. :+1:



For me on Steam PC, the wall structures are now on the map again. :coffee:

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That was a quick reaction, from report to update in less than 24h. Well, maybe it would have been corrected either way. :smile:

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Also checked it just now, and we’ve got our walls back! :sweat_smile:

Indeed a quick reaction.

And good for the cities’ income, because the walls have two tourist attraction locations :sunglasses:

The walls were only not showing on the map. In the game they were there. :wink:

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I know that, but tourists always first get pictures and maps before they arrive :upside_down_face: