Hagaboda mission get stucked

Platform: PC/steam

Description: hagaboda mission : locate and destroy the Tick jamming the signal.
please help, this main objective is stuck, i cannot open the door even with the key, no notification to interact with the door handle, also with all of the other doors like the police car doors (and all the bags in this hagaboda area also cannot be interacted, instead flashing red, green and blue).
ive tried to verify integrity of game files but the problem persisted

Steps To Reproduce: its happened everytime i go to the map around 985.041, -3805.515

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: no im not hosting a multiplayer game nor join somebody, im playing solo

Players in your game: only me

Specifications: ryzen 5 2500U, vega 8 mobile, RAM 8 gb

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update: its okay now, looks like the dev fixed it or the last update on the hagaboda automatically repair this issue. anyway, thanks dev!

Glad to hear this was fixed!

Closing report.