Hagaboda safe house, water sounds in basement

The basement at Hagaboda safehouse has a audio bug, it sounds like slushing water (like walking through a shallow body of water).

This occurs both for host and two clients.

Steps to reproduce
Fast travel to Hagaboda safehouse and listen.

Well don’t just stand there - call a plumber!


I just noticed the same thing, except I think it’s outside too.

Yep, it’s definitely tied to the building. The farther you get away from the building the more silent the sound

Since the February update, when I fast travel to Hagaboda safehouse (hotel) there are flowing water sounds in and around the hotel. I tried restarting, but it’s still there.

My buddy was talking about the exact same thing this morning,… (PS4)

The same sound effect is in Sorken command bunker, in the 1st machinery room filled with gas. Besides hearing the gas hissing, you’ll also hear the water sloshing around, like being in or very near to the body of water.

Yeah , very loud when you are in the basement

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