Hagaboda Soviet Beacons

Platform: PC

The Soviet Beacons keep re-appearing in Hagaboda, no matter how many times I destroy all 3, when I close Generation Zero and come back to it. All 3 are found if I “Fast Travel” to Hagaboda once I have Continued playing.

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For me on ps5, too. All machines and antennas.
Well, why not. In earlier days this happened to all the fnix relay beacons, too.

Today there are just a few that keep respawning.

I don’t know what’s intended.

I don’t think it’s intended… But the icons are there, so maybe they respawn just like regular Beacons?

Can they be destroyed again?

They indeed can be destroyed again, perfect for Firebird Farming.


Yes. The icons just appear if you come close enough. All machines are there and you can destroy them which spawns more machines. Every time you start the game.

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I think it’s a good thing they respawn. Makes the area more alive. And as I see it they have rebuilt the bridgehead after the resistance has left. No one there to stop them and of course they will try and conquer the area again.

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Lore friendly and player friendly. I see this as an absolute win, especially since only Spetsnaz firebirds drop the gold Vintovka