Halloween Loot Confirmed

My go to locations for huge fights:
Norrmyra-Farela-Garphammar-Vinterbacken is a really good line for great action.
I also go to Stenmyra, Granhygget, Alvaret plains and Bockhyttan.
Bockhyttan is actually the most deadly place on PS4 right now, especially if rival harvs are nearby.


image . Loving the new look , thanks

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Is that still a thing?
I love that spot, it was more difficult than usual to engage them on the past months, unless from a distance.
5 Harvesters bombarding you drains a lot of medkits or adrenaline :sweat_smile: .

Bockhyttan, yeaH harvester alley for sure. Great place to get 7.62 AP ammo too from the hunters that come by lol

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@Mr_A1992 After the update it seems much more quite up in my usual playgrounds…all the mechs seem to be migrating to the farmlands :wink:
But then again, haven’t played much yet on this update…will see…

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So i checked it up, Bockhyttan now has only 1 Tank, some hunters and many runners.
I miss the Harvester Death Valley :slightly_frowning_face: .

With Halloween items being lootable, this topic has served it’s purpose and i’ll lock it, before it derails even more than it already has. :lock: