Halloween Loot Confirmed

I have reports on PS4 confirming Halloween loot pickups

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Can confirm new loot on xbox one to. Just got arctic cowboy-hat and 2 new jackets, don’t remember name on them though :grin:

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Glad to hear it, @AliasDJA. I’m gonna put this in #feedback-feature-requests, and we’ll make this the main thread for the confirming reports. Get out there and get looting :ghost:


Yeah, got these from three consequitive dead runners at the Myskoxen storage bunker. :sweat_smile:


Ahhh, so it only doesn’t work for PC I guess…

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No it works, sir, for PC.

Do you have any proof that it is working on PC? People on Steam forum are not convinced either.

Spent couple of hours yesterday killing rivals left and right and got only AMMO. No kidding.

Will give it another try tonight but this is really strange…

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Join Discord, sir.
All there… :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten confirmation it got fixed this morning.


Outstanding to see it’s landed…no official word though so there’s that.

Now it’s just the game crashes to deal with
I will attempt the new loot pool this evening.

10.30 GMT - twitch.tv/aliasdja


I’m on PC. Solo play. It works for me. :+1: :partying_face:

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Ive managed to dangle the carrot for @OBiW4NSHiNOBi to hopefully join me before the 10th to look at ratios in relation to solo, and multiplayer drops.

It will be good to see for reference for when we finally take down all the rivals post 5th November. ( hopefully )

Confirmed - Works for me (on PC) - getting some of the ‘Elegant’ stuff from runners :+1:

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confirmed works. Got some drops.

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These things are actually dropping like crazy! Got a ton of them in only 3 hours. I got the most drops from the wrecked machines lying all over Himfjäll, and I got more drops from FNIX machines than from Apocs. North Coast was the best farming spot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Right gang,

Lasted 59 minutes from last nights session before it gave out and crashed, but was an extremely successful loot pickup.

9 items total, including the full Antarctic set that I actually wanted so a positive session in all. Mainly hunters, and a few tanks for drops but yes…a considerable difference.

Best option I found for Xbox in light of crashing - and to maximise time spent would be to Hunter farm on the air field off a Harvy. That said - any harvester will work FNIX and above. No drops from runners as of yet - dial back in same time, same place tonight if anyone fancies tagging along.

10.30 GMT — twitch.tv/aliasdja

FOA2 was literally like hoard mode! Two harvesters either side pumping hunters out, and if you get a Harvester inside FOA2 itself…you can go the other side of the wall ( North entrance to facility ) and the hunters will spawn the other side of the wall and providing the harvester doesn’t glitch, or be killed - it’s rinse and repeat.

I’ve used this method a few times in the early days for crafting material hoarding. Well worth a try for those still suffering on Xbox.

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My problem is that I’m drowning in IRL… Got me 3 hours of grinding loot yesterday, which is all I’ve been able to play in the last 10 days. Now I probably won’t have time to play again before the whole event expires… Time based events SUCK for players like me. :poop:
I suppose I just gotta make do with what I got. I would have loved to find the Antarctic outfit in a different color than beige or red. Don’t like those. :neutral_face:

Been there too @NJR87 but my kids are getting older and more independent.
Both my daughter and my son are playing a lot of different games but sadly not GZ…yes, I’ve tried :wink:
Had a 2-3h session last night and got a fair amount of event apparels, even though I rarely grind for apparels without some perks attached to them.
Most dropped from FNIX harvs, maybe because it was a harvester mayhem in the Marshlands yesterday. 8 harvs at Farela at one point, new harv record at that location for me.
Weapon drop on the other hand…none!

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Ooh yes Anl 118 oiled also be a great shout.

Just thought I’d also add, 2 5* weapon drops - NO SCHEMATICS