Handgun scope, need another one

Can anybody tell me where I might find a handgun scope? I had one once, but I guess I recycled it trying to keep weight down, now I need one…

Youll have a chance to find them ammo boxes, tool boxes (i think) and from harvesters.

I just got a 5* one yesterday (I was searching for one, too). I ran the farming routes (Muskudden Cubes, Björntunet Hotel, Himarvet etc.) and after a few days, I found one. The depressing part is that I found two or three a few weeks ago, but had no gun to put them onto, so I threw them away. YMMV.

*edit: just got another one - the loot in this game can be ridiculous at times…


Trade for it bud, I’ve a few on Xbox spare. Be on this weekend

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Thanks, but I’ve got nothing to trade.

I need nothing you have

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: haha,

All joking aside though, I’m gonna be on later after stream to check this Halloween loot drop. If you do need one, no worries.

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Thanks, I do appreciate the offer, but I did find one. I mainly needed it for mounting the infra red.

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That’s what I did, just for that reason. I have one on my PVG90 but it can get a little too close to tell what’s going on. The pistol has a wider view.

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I’d love a 4x scope for the PVG. Once you find a bigger mag for it, it works pretty well in close combat, too, but the iron sights on it aren’t great…