Handgun Silencer, yes or no?

Do you think it’s worth using a silencer? Being as the handgun should be a backup weapon and more power should be better than stealth in this role?

Or do you use a handgun as a primary in certain situations and want to be quiet or save ammo?

usually I will try to take down seekers with it. I think the silencer helps keep my location hidden a bit when I miss. save my other weapon’s ammo for the machines that shoot back

It really does depend on the kind of robot. I’m sure as heck not taking down a hunter with a pistol! :slight_smile:

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Funny enough, I took down a hunter in one of the bunkers with a 9mm handgun today (yes it has a silencer on it). It took a couple of clips to his face using 9mm fmj, but it got the job done. He was glitched out and wasn’t shooting back though, so there’s that :slight_smile:

A fully modded 5 crown Klaucke with a silencer is a fantastic sidearm to have. I’d try to go for at least three crown quality silencer though. With AP ammo it’s great to take down military Seekers without drawing attention. And it’s your backup weapon to finish off solitary enemies like Runners and even Hunters.

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Only pistol gaming - really cool experience, just need to make sure that you have clear all interferences (such as other robots nearby), enough ammo and orientation skills for dodge afront of massive robot. Be fit to run all the time, be cool and dont try it with dogs, ofcourse!

Yes, it’s worth having a silencer on it, and it generally shouldn’t just be a backup weapon.

I personally use the handgun (9mm specifically, tried the .44 but it’s too hard to reliably keep ammo for until late game) for four things:

  • Killing ticks. They’re not worth wasting good ammo on given that one or at most two shots with a pistol will kill them and the good ‘handling’ of the handguns also makes it easier to track them while they’re running. Given the typical nature of fighting them, I usually don’t want to draw more attention before I kill them (the explosion will draw some aggro regardless, but not much), so the suppressor is nice.
  • Killing seekers at short range (at long range I just one-shot them with the älgstudstare or meusser). Similar argument to that for ticks, except that they take a couple more shots to down usually. Having a suppressor doesn’t usually help here, but it has saved me from having a long drawn-out battle a couple of times (didn’t notice a group of hunters or pair of harvesters that got drawn in by the seeker until after I killed it, managed to get away without them actually entering battle because they didn’t aggro on to me immediately).
  • Finishing off bots that are stuck somewhere and can’t shoot back. Again, not worth wasting hard to find ammo on these guys. Also nice to not draw more aggro by killing them.
  • Detonating explosives. Everything in the game takes exactly one shot to detonate any type of explosives you can carry around with you, so there’s no point in wasting a rifle round or a shotgun shell just to blow up a relay beacon (that is, unless you use the rifle round to detonate a runner’s fuel cell as it runs past the beacon). No matter how crappy your suppressor is, it won’t reduce the damage dealt by your handgun below the threshold to detonate this type of stuff.

In general, the only other thing I run a silencer on is the hunting rifles (because if you miss with a suppressed hunting rifle, the bots will usually look at where the bullet landed instead of where you are). SMG’s I use a compensator (an HP5 is my main weapon right now when I need to fight at close quarters, so I want to focus on ammo efficiency, and reducing recoil is the best option for that), shotguns I use a choke (fun fact, a good shotgun choke actually makes shotgun slugs more accurate than a hunting rifle when hip fired), combat rifles I use a barrel extension (because it improves something without hurting any other stats).

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Heh at the beginning of the game I had to take a hunter with a 1-crown Moiler for my friend.