Hang Fire with APOC Tank

Hey all, interesting combat with an Apoc Tank today. He was extremely far away and I figured I’d have a bit of fun with the Exp PVG90. Let off a couple of rounds and, of course, he shot one of this multi-bomblet missiles at me. I bolted to find an alternate position but…no explosion. I kept hearing a “fizzle” and looked up. His missile was frozen in the air. Snapped a few photos.


I never seen an APOC tank with missiles. They always launch mines and fire rounds from machine gun.

I was under the impression the the missile “hatched” the mines. The sounds used in the game suggested that.There are a ton of mine dispersal munitions IRL (usually referred to as cluster munitions). Wikipedia has a great on them. It definitely was an APOC Tank on Himfjall, just NE of Marksatern.