Happy Birthday, GZ! 2023 🎉


Happy Birthday, GZ! :tada:

Thank you for the four awesome years we’ve spent! :smiley:

Also, you can find now the Resistance Fighter apparel items! :sunglasses:


Happy Anniversary :partying_face:

Have you found the hidden GZ-references in the Newsletter ?

I have a bit of good news for you all, if you haven’t seen it already. There is a little knowledge quest in the newsletter. This quest is not alone a light in the dark, but also an invitation to get your GZ synapses firing. Even if you are a zero hour player, one can only hope to find all of the secret cargo (hidden missions) hiding in the newsletter. Not remembering all the mission names can lead to one or two hidden missions being left behind. So, as a last resort, I went over each word piece by piece and found these eight missions, with the help of mister Madchaser… Did you find more?


Strength in Numbers
A Wrench in the Works
Over and Out
No rest for the Weary
Shooting Practice
Building Blocks
Courage, Power and Resilience
Of Machines and Men

Just found one more…


Of machines and men

It’s a bit unfair against our not english speaking players. Well, it’s no official competition, but there are some missions that are called different in other languages. The spanish version of Generation Zero for example doesn’t have “A wrench in the works” (nor the spanish translation of it). Do you remember the confusions at the numerous bug reports? :wink:

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Offtopic - I bet the German version also has different wording for missions. But you got also familiar with the English names, because you are active on a forum where communication is in English. I wouldn’t call it unfair, but unfortunate. Should we really expect the devs to do all newsletters and other communication in every language that you can select in the game?

I must admit that I never compared the wording of the german and english version. I never had a problem finding a mission, except in this special case where a wrench in the works has another name (not the translation) in the spanish version, which also confused our official supporters. Yes, unfortunate is better. :wink:

They could additionally have set unique numbers or codes for each mission.

Can you guys show the resistance apparel sets?

Its the set from last year


Got everything except the helmet. Still searching! :+1:

This game has given me some of my best ever gaming moments, right through covid escaping into the mystery of the unknown machines.
Gen zero has changed so much but I stay open minded as to what the future may bring.
A big thank you to all devs and community who play and continue to adventure !

Let’s see what the future holds !

I still haven’t eaten a Selma though :persevere:


Nice necro…

Yesh, let’s let sleeping threads lie. And eat your semla’s! That’s an order.