Happy new year 2021!


Greetings, fellow Generation Zero aficionados. It’s been an eventful year in-game and in the real world.
Lots of stuff happening, ups and downs. I haven’t been as active in the last months, but nevertheless:

Thanks to the community for being awesome, thanks to the dev team for powering through all the obstacles that came up. And best wishes for the next year, whatever it may bring!


cant wait to see whats commin this year !


Yes same!
Happy New Year everyone! :partying_face:


Happy new year everyone :boom:


Happy new year from this side as well! :fireworks::champagne:


Happy new year, people! :blush::boom::clinking_glasses:


Happy new year! :boom::boom::boom: Let us hope this year is better than the last.


Happy new year boys & girls :cocktail: :wine_glass: :beer:


Happy new year to you all from my littke corner of the world :smiley: :dizzy: :clinking_glasses: :beers: :fireworks: :sparkler: :firecracker: