Hard crashes when spawning at or traveling to certain locations

Platform: Xbox Series X and Windows 11 PC (Xbox App)

Description: Hard crashes to desktop when traveling or spawning at certain locations.

Steps To Reproduce: Spawn or travel to locations

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Both

Players in your game: 1 or 2

Specifications: Began on Xbox Series X, but also occurs on Windows 11 PC (Ryzen 7 3700, Radeon 6700XT, 16gb DDR4)

Started on 24 August. Was moving around the field near Ring Fort as Client on Xbox when had a hard crash to desktop. This was the first time I’ve ever had a hard crash like this as Client in GZ. The Host did not crash. I came back into the game and loaded into the Tunnels and within a second or two hard crashed again. I changed characters and loaded into a different location without issues. When I went back to the original character, it loaded into a different location, too, and the game seem to play as normal.

However, as soon as I fast traveled back to the Ring Fort tunnels, the game would hard crash with any character. As I played on (avoiding Ring Fort), I found that there are a number of locations that would also result in an instaneous crash including:
Sandbo Farm
Mullbardsberget Tunnels (Ring Fort)
Tokerod Farm
Torsberga Fort

There may be others.

After having the issue on Xbox, I went to my PC and it has exactly the same issue. My main character is level 50 and I don’t want to lose progress.

As long as I avoid the crash areas, the game plays fine. I’ve taken down FNIX bases and fought battles around the map outside of these problem areas without any issues.

Any suggestions or ideas what to do?


Are your hard crashes when FT consistent? I.e. do you crash every time you travel to the same locations or is it more random? I have not had any other gameplay issues on my Seriex X except for the crashes when traveling/spawning. Though I’m sorry you are having the same/similar issue, I’m actually glad that I’m not alone…hope that means it is an addressable game issue and not a corrupt save game.

Thanks for the reply and good luck.

I just experienced the exact same problem when fast traveling to Tokerod Farm from anywhere else on the map. Hard crash every time. Even when walking to the area.