Harder enemies and bigger fights

how about apoc tanks that release hunters

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Hunters are BIG.
Maybe a Tank can carry 2 missile Runners…

Might be more something for Harveys?


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How about guided missiles, with a one-shot kill? Where does it end?

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OOOH, I will suggest this for the machines.
And a wee intellect with that, or they might target themselves…


Xogger!!! :crazy_face: I was joking! We’ll end up with a game that no one can play except those who have already bought it and played it for months. How does that keep Avalanche in pretzels :pretzel: ???

The point I was trying to make is that all the suggestions now are from people who have finished the game and already had their money’s worth, but they all want the game changed so that newbies can’t possibly hope to play. No newbies, no Avalanche, no game - simple.

And? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, for Game + I mean. XD
From 0 to soil yourself in no time flat.

Well, if you want instakills or just more ways of dying… how about;

  • Hunters that charge you and detonate when badly damaged.

  • Bots based around trapdoor spiders and grab you from below (difficult for random deployment without building specific locations due to most game engines landscape as a single mesh - tiled or not - design)

  • Bots firing trackers like Black Mirrors “Metalhead” episode allowing all close bots to zoom in on you wherever you go until the tracker expires or gets disabled somehow.

  • Booby-trapped ammo that explodes when used and destroys your gun (or downgrades its level).

  • Tics that attach to you (say your back) and only other players can shoot them off with friendly fire enabled.

  • Runners that can smash open doors and drop tics.

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that tick idea reminded me of a dr who episode lol.
great ideas too.

Scrap Bots? :scream:

We leaves dozens of piles of smoldering metal and wires strewn across towns and fields, where do those scraps go??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Perhaps we could engage randomized robots of various sizes and parts of other terminated robots. Think of Frankenstein, but probably too much models and textures and animation for the Devs to take on. :sob:

But think of it, a Seeker body on Tick legs sounding alarms back from the dead. Calling out to a group of bots bearing Hunter legs and Runner bodies with Concussion Rifles, clanking and rummaging in the distance towards the humans like some kind of zombie robot. :skull:

Probably my dumbest idea yet! :+1:

The boring logical part of my is going on about crank and gear sizing and battery loads being incompatible…

whilst the other side of me is waiting for a runner with a seekers head and rockets blasting out “we come in piece” and “Lets all be friends” whilst frying anything that moves ah-la Mars Attacks.

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I got an idea, but I need to bribe an Avalanche dev to help me.
I’ll make an eighties type Aimbot, and have the powers that be upload it into the machines!!!

That’ll help too.

Power to the machines!