Harvester carpet bombing

Platform: PC/Xbox App

Description: Was fighting a Harvester rival, and it got stuck in a firing loop, I guess. Not the first time I’ve seen it, as it’s happened with Lynxes and Tanks before, but I’ve never seen a loop so intense.

Steps To Reproduce: I think it happens if the bot loses aggro during an attack? It’s what I’ve seen usually, especially with the Reaper, as that thing loses aggro constantly

Images / Videos: Generation Zero 2022 08 07 17 59 11 - YouTube

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: I was solo

GPU is 8 gigs, Speccy has a hard time reading this card for some reason.

Is that the FNIX equivalent to throwing the toys out of the pram … you really ticked it off!! lol.

Who knew high explosives would make someone mad?~

I know, right? Anyway, they started it …

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Thanks for the report!

Honestly, this should be a feature. When it’s low on health, and/or has expended it’s support pods just start blasting the area with rockets.


I’m genuinely surprised there isn’t a machine with this feature, I was thinking more along the lines of machines being able to, say, lase an area and call for a carpet bombing, either from orbit, or maybe a new artillery machine like what’s been mentioned in the past. We don’t often see machines working together, especially FNIX ones, which seems a shame.

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Or this is what they do if you take the ‘eye’ camera out maybe?