Harvester double-call

Platform: PC

Description: Timeframe - between “call-in” sound cue and up next behaviour routine (including “idle pause” that used between behaviour routines); Trigger - harvester gets interrupted either by EMP or any damage that grants “stagger” effect, including own dropped Hunter pods if their AoE drop damage radius can reach Harvester and stagger it. Latter can in theory cause “tripple call”. This raise threat level for a player on higher difficulies and/or Harvester’s series tier. (Like fighting a squad of 4(four) apoc hunters with arty support is nasty on its own, but when it’s 8 hunters - fight becomes quite brutal even with end-game equipment)
UPDATE: it appears that player can force Harvester to call-in more than three times.

Steps To Reproduce: Pure chance, but odds are better in more “cramped” environment, e.g. close proximity to buildings or groove/trees.
To intentionally force “call-in loop” player must perform any attack, that stagger a harvester during it’s “call” move, usually explosive (grenade, exp-12G flechette etc). EMP deemed unreliable, couldn’t reproduce “on camera”.

Images / Videos: EDIT - uploaded a new fideo with a fight, where I was intentionally recreated this bug.

Host or Client: Reproduced as Host, no data as Client.
Players in your game: Solo - didn’t have the opportumity to test it in MP properly.
Specifications: AMD Ryzen 5 1500X, GeForce GTX 1050, 24 GB RAM, Win10 pro.

It seems to be an interesting bug, for our session, there is nothing required to trigger it, just shoot harvie couple of times and it calls hunters twice in i row. Particularly funny when fighting Apo harvie but Mil version do it more often, FNIX quite often as well.

We did not report it because it’s more fun :smiley:

Seems to be cases of pods dropping too close to Harvester.