Harvester Loot Bug

All harvesters downed in a play session will duplicate loot, ie the 4c AG4 or some other item, sometimes the entire loot table will be duplicated, sometimes it is a single item/weapon.
To add to the weirdness i dont even think a 4c ag4 is part of the apoco harvesters loot normally, afaik its the AI-76 that drops from harvs.
But as i continue this session that 4c ag4 will now be in every harvester i loot, just like the three in a row from this morning. :pensive:

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I reported this one internally as well when testing, looks like it didn’t get tagged in time.

I guess we’ll have to enjoy some extra loot for a while.

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I’m glad to hear it was caught internally as i ran into this boyo pretty early on, hopefully this means come next patch it won’t be a thing!

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Platform: PC Windows 10, Steam

**Description:**Every single harvester regardless of class drops a 4 crown Automatgevär 4 in addition to random ammo and such. They drop no other guns. I have confirmed this with over 50 Harvester kills.

**Steps To Reproduce:**Kill any harvester

Images / Videos:

**Host or Client:**Host, solo

**Players in your game:**Just me

Specifications: i9-10900KF, 3080 RTX 64GB Ram, Windows 10

Known issue. Merging with main report thread.