Harvester loot is very predictable

Hello friends,

So last two days of playing this game again after what have been a pretty long break, I keep getting a 4* AK4 from every single harvester kill. Honestly, every single one killed drops one. I’m actually trying to get a 5* AK4 from them too, which is kinda ironic but yeah. Am I the only one experiencing this or is it some kind of bug? :joy:

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There are indeed some issues with the loot-pool.

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Alright thank you mate.
Do you have any idea if it can be fixed some how?

It’s a known issue. When reporting issues, it’s always good to check if it’s on this list.

It is known to the dev team, and will probably be fixed down the road. Maybe not the next update 26, but maybe in update 27 or 28.

As it stands, it doesn’t seem like the highest priority issue, compared to other known issues (like missions that can’t be completed etc.). :sunglasses:

It’s worth noting, that currently if you experience the issue (and many people, including myself do), the only thing it does to you is adding an additional 4* AG4. You can still get other weapons along with this, so as I see it, this 4* AG4 is in addition to anything else you’ll get. So you can basically just ignore it.


@ameinild Cheers buddy,
I was going half insane for a bit lol. Maybe I could have found that topic myself if I had just looked :sunglasses:

No problem - always ask - but it’s nice to know that there actually is a list. Things have been shuffled around a bit lately - but now you know where to look. :sunglasses: