Harvester Reinforcements

Ok so the limit on how many reinforcements a Harvester can call needs to be addressed. After following a rival Harvester into the bush I came across 7 more FNIX Harvesters and an Apocalypse class, all had spawned a relentless number of Hunters, and all of them pumped out ticks. After racking up quite the body count of hunters, killing 6 of the Harvesters and trying to flee into the woods after running out of most ammo, I gave up. This is on skirmish difficulty.!(upload://3zXBPfNiekKuFws02yQSS5BnQb.jpeg)

Yes there is a debate talking about how there should be a component on a harvester that you can knock to stop it calling in hunters

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Oh I know exactly where that spot is. There are a few spots on the map (windmill-area is another) where they just gather like they serve free gasoline there. Really hope they add a limit cause these situations are nerve-wrecking. Not tense in terms of “challenge”, it just makes you angry when fighting for 20+ minutes you leave the bunker and you hear the next squadron of hunters marching in while 2 more harvesters serenade you with their hunter-mating-call.

I had hoped the June-patch puts a limit to these spawn-orgies.

EIDT: @Admiralgamer / airfield: once I was there and no tank nor harvester in sight from where I was (safehouse). Was going west then and some 3-4 big ones gathered round the airfield-entrance, hiding between the trees.

Do you mean Lille? Yeah that’s a great spot and that spot in the images is the tiny airplane bunker south of normyrra arty base I think. Question, have you ever been to the airbase and it be empty? Well I went there the other day and there was only a couple of doggos

@zappa_lot I searched the whole place. Nothing. was starting to think I’d won, finished the game defeated the machines. When I went for a walk into a field and got ambushed by hunters, (It was too good to be true!:cry:) then seekers came and eventually 3 tanks came over 2 military 1 apoc then a Fnix harv decided to join in and call for more hunter help. (I can image a TV advert advertising “Helpful Hunters! we fall rom the sky and like killing our employees!”)

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Party poopers :poop: Seekers and hunters are a horrid duo They screwed me up hard the other day when I started a new character so I could do the right level ups this time all I did was walk out as a new level 1 character at one of my norther safe houses looking around. Just went back inside to grab my weapons from pludra when seeker was like OMG HUMAN HERE HUNTERS KILL HIM.

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There is a solution: Do NOT kill the Hunters.

I typically disable the Harvester missile pods from far away first then deal with the Hunters. And if the Hunters get to me before the missile pod goes down, then I disable the Hunters and start working again at the Harvester’s missile pod.

When I started playing everyone warned me about these “endless” waves of Hunters, but it doesn’t have to be so. I have danced around in circles with disable Harvesters with their disabled Hunters chasing me like little drunk toddlers. The Hunters actually act pretty hilarious disarmed, and you “almost” feel sorry for them.

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Platform: PC
Description: There are way, way too many robots spawning at once, I got into a massive firefight right outside of a safehouse immediately after fast traveling there, and I died several times and ran out of ammo for both my guns, so I had to use my shotgun. That’s more than 3k rounds wasted fighting about 4 harvesters that kept spawning more hunters, about three dozen, and the hunters would spawn more ticks, about a hundred of them. I didn’t even get anything out of it because when I tried to loot one, my game crashed from the sheer number of dead robots.
Steps to Reproduce: No idea.
Images / Video: Screenshot%20(6225) Screenshot%20(6226) Screenshot%20(6227) Screenshot%20(6229)
Host or Client: Singleplayer
Players in game: Only me
Specifications: Screenshot%20(6231)


Agreed, this is the most frustrating aspect of the game. And I’m sad to see this is still a problem after the latest patch.

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just that area is a problem area as its always spawns there and loads of them. been so for a while =)

just kill the harvesters, problem solved

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