Harvester Stuck in "Hunter Deploying" Animation

Platform: PS4

Description: Below

Steps To Reproduce: Disarm a Harvester…?

Images / Videos: Below

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Uno

Specifications: PS4 Slim

I was fighting a group of machines in the Forest to get the Region Score up when the fight ended up spilling over towards a Rival Harvester. Since I wanted to keep up the Score, I didn’t kill him and instead just clipped his missiles so he wouldn’t be a threat.

Since his missiles were gone he ended up calling in Hunters and Runners a couple times, which was helpful for building up the Score. Eventually I ignored him and focused on the rest of the fight.

When the dust settled, I went back to check on him and he was stuck in a loop of starting and stopping the “Hunter Deploying” animation, where he curls up in a ball over and over. So he became totally defenseless for a couple minutes just repeating the same animation.

Eventually he spawned in some Ticks, and after I destroyed his Tick pod he later snapped out of the animation loop. At that point though he already used up all his minion spawns so he was just aimlessly walking around. Pretty cool to see a live Harvester up close.

I think this happened because he ran out of Hunter spawns but for some reason was trying to spawn them in again so he got stuck in an animation loop.

For some reason there’s an annoying white noise hum in the video, I think my mic was on or something.


Happened to me today, harvester got stuck in that loop but additionally he could fire missiles and do concussion pulse twice when i got closer.