Harvesters walking on toes


Are harvesters suppose to walk on their toes? It looks a little bit weird.

Here is a picture from Generation Zero web site:


Seems like there’s a ballerina variation of the harvester. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that’s a proper way to stand my big friend :kissing_heart:


This bug is still present.


I think the idea behind it is to burrow through. The prototypes are versions where it just needs to stand, right? All it does is find a car with a shallow gas tank to puncture with the pump, but cars with the long roofs that cover the also boot of the car would be a bit harder to puncture just with the pump.
The ‘toes’ just remind me so much of shovels and that might be the purpose.

By those two pictures, I can also see that most of the weight is on the back legs anyway… The prototype variant seems to lean further than the one in the screenshot… and I didn’t know I’d be discussing something about harvester toes today :smiley:


I’m pretty sure that this is not intended. The programmer probably just forgot to set the constrain that the foot plate has to be parallel to the ground.


Stealth mode engaged.


Looks right to me.

The metal plate acts as a shovel, digging into the ground when moving, so harv can pull itself forward while when stationary, the metal plate flips to provide more steadier stance.