Has Anyone been Finding the Kvm 89 Squad Gun?


I’ve been grinding hours and hours on Xbox and I still have yet to find one. All I’ve been getting was the extended mags for the weapon. Scavenging for it isn’t any use either. Is there like a grinding spot for killing tanks?


I came across a bunker (small one) near Gudlögs stenar not far from Björntunet. In that bunker i found a three-star one. Head there and check, hopefully you’ll find it too.:+1:


Thanks for the place. I’m using the kvm 89 really well now :slight_smile:


It’s the one gun i don’t have from grinding Apoc Tanks, the best i have gotten was a 4* drop of one from an Apoc hunter.


Do you mean the experimental version? or you just want a KVM? Try himfall island if you have it, there are a few KVM’s in the missions and i know of a blue one at Diggerhallen artillery base on himfall


This topic talks about KVM 89 and there is no experimental KVM 89. What there is, is experimental KVM 59.


yes correct its not an experimental i do a round trip of the island regularly going from tank to tank by the time I’m finished with the last tank they have spawned again Ive killed over 264 no KVM 89?


i think i have fewer drops of the kvm 89 then kvm 59 dont know why. but 5 star ones are not rare if you do tank rivals lvl4 on himlefjäll


Well there is still the 3 star one at the artillery base