Has anyone figured out how to get into the bunkers?

I was playing through the game and I found a few bunkers with a scanner. Has anyone found a way around them or are they just there for something that we can expect to encounter in the full game?

In the hidden bunker roughly east of the port, there is an bunker with scanners. However at the top of the hill you will find an doorway that you can interact with. See this video on how that works.

Also, there is an second bunker at the port, with scanners. However if you travel roughly northwest, to the farm, and then turn around you will see an hidden entrance dock, with a door that does not have an code (its unlocked) however it only gets you partway into the bunker, to access the rest of the bunker you need to code/scanner device. The way i got to the door (because there is water) was “swimming to the door” and letting the respawn system take me to the dock. its a bit cheaty but until the devs let us swim thats the only way.

To the developers: With the video above the players were able to take some sort of scanning device off an runner. My issue with this is that If i forget to check for loot off every runner then I might miss the runner, log off, log back on and the device is lost to me forever. If the device could be placed in a chest in a building that might deal with the issue. Or best of all make a office building with an computer that gives you access. (thanks!)

It’s part of a story mission. You have to kill some robots around the bunker hill. They drop code cards. After opting you can use the different entrances which leads all in the same big bunker.

EDIT: now I get it. You are Talking about the other big bunker complex near the port on the neighbour hill. Right? Wasn’t able to enter that too bit maybe it’s not included.