Has anyone found “Face” items?

Ive been playing this game since day 1, level 31. But i cant seem to find a single “face” item for my character? have they not been implemented in the game yet or do i just have the worst luck?

i think other than the items in the vanity pack, ear rings are the only face items i’ve seen


All the face accessories right now are tied to girl characters i believe so if you haven’t made one yet or bought the dlc that would explain it :slight_smile:

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thanks! yea ive only made male, and havent bought the dlc so that would explain it. I really want the face mask that the deceased soldiers wear.

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Yeah, that would be awesome.

FWIW though, because of how things are shared, you can actually unlock a lot of stuff for cosmetics by just starting and then deleting a character of every type, gender, and style. Won’t get you the face mask, but it will get you a bunch of options to choose from.

I have hoops blue and pink, small silver earring from vanilla and 5 colours of fancy earrings from vanity dlc.

maybe in the future there will be a “military” pack. never thought if that, thanks! im trying to make different military classes. like a rifleman, medic, engineer.

im trying to go with an all “military” outfit, the gas mask looks cool but the reduced vision isnt worth it.

Here’s my dude, going for dark or camo clothing when I find it. I just need some black boots now :wink:

The military caps are cool - I have dk/mid grey camo, grey/brown camo, black/green camo and all green. Tried the steel helmets but they just looked cheesy! There is camo face paint as well.


You can create a new character with black boots to unlock them for all characters :wink:


Ya, I haven’t found a single “face” item yet either. I always thought that the glasses where the face items.

Just for anyone who already does not know, there is an experimental earpiece, it`s dropped by rivals ( as all other experimental apparel are).

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There’s a 2-tone gray military helmet that doesn’t look half bad, and I’m my opinion the 2-tone copper doesn’t either. I just really hope if theres a military pack that we get dazzle varients.

Dazzle camo apparel is part of the vanilla clothes you’ll find from the loot bags and are part of the “special” sets as well, e.g Experimental set (which you’ll find from Rivals).

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I know, I just mean dazzle varients OF the gear in the military pack, if one gets released. I doubt that it would be one camo if they do decide to release it, though.

Also, you’ll find that I posted an example to one of the chats we were part of.

Also, @IHowBowDahI the gas mask vision is improved, so you can put it on your characters.