Has anyone seen this hoving runner before

You mean the yellow scan cone? Yes, they sometimes do that when they are suspicious. Cannot say whether it depends on class or what. Maybe others can chime in.

It is hoving off the ground

It’s a some kind of a scan-ray… thing. Runners, seekers and hunters do that in some areas (mostly near buildings).

It’s just standing on an invisible or sloping terrain object.

Oh, it’s hovERing. Gotcha.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh gotcha

What are u talking about??

Something misguided about generational slang and such nonsense. :wink:

Then it occurred to me that English might just not be your first language and all.

Finally, I decided that nothing good comes out of such talk and its relevance wasn’t particularly high, either. So I ditched the comment.

PS: Next time I won’t explain. Because that is the whole point of deleting a post: it’s absence. :slight_smile: