Has Harvester spawn rate dramatically decreased?


Previously when I went to my spawn spots (Överby Airbase, ANL118, Maria Church, Sillavik) there was about an equal chance of a FNIX tank or harvester to spawn. Now it seems like there are 80% tanks and rarely harvesters. In the last 2 days I’ve found a total of 5 harvesters, and at least 30 tanks.
Anyone experience anything similar, that FNIX harvesters somehow rarely spawn? And maybe, does anyone have some good spawn spots for harvesters that I might not be aware of?
Thanks! :sunglasses:


I second that observation. For every harvester i come across there is two or three tanks nearby. But i’m at the top of the map now and i was expecting an increase in difficult machines.


The harvesters are sometimes hidden and stuck in door ways in 2 weeks I’ve found 12 Harvesters (8 stuck in doorways of bunkers) and I’ve found 19 Tanks (In two weeks I mean 11 days so there could be more but I just didn’t go on those days to the airfield. :+1:t5:


@MVTracks my comment is meant to be a reply for your problem