Hastvik three minor bugs

**Platform:**   PC

**Steps To Reproduce:**  Just go and see
1. The truck in front of the barn : side doors need to be open twice, a curious visual effect
2. In the white container close the the house : a radio can not be picked up, neither crouching nor jumping.
3. Got stuck inside the container, used fast travel to liberate.

**Images / Videos:** 

**Host or Client:** Both, a solo game

**Players in your game:** Me

PC : Intel Core i7-4790K CPU at 4 GHz;
8 Go RAM
Nvidia Geforce GTX 970
Windows 10 family 64 bits
Zero Generation 28 th May update.

I’ve had # 1 happen in a few places, I believe this is a new bug that was introduced with the latest patch as it hadn’t happened before then. However I’ve only seen it happen on the vehicles, no building doors

And you need to close each truck door twice as well, quite logically :smiley:

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The double doors have been in the game from day one

You also get double sets of tractor doors sometimes

I think it is a 3D model issue, but the issue doesn’t seem to be nearly as common as it was

I want to note that the double door bug was fixed, I suppose in the June release.
Blue truck in Hastvik, bug reported be some players and by me here.
Thanks, Devs :+1: