Have FNIX Tanks always given up so easily? Or are they getting stuck?

Relatively new player - just in the last day or so starting to encounter a lot of FNIX tanks. But I’ve found that now they will get stuck behind a building, or just stand there, and let me destroy them by shooting their leg - at a certain point, when they’re only 60% or so, they just seem to give up and not move much, not come out and attack. I’ve seen another player encounter this in his game too.

Were they always like this? Are they getting stuck in the environment or something? Or is this a new issue?

I think that it is somehow connected to bugged AI after September update.

I haven’t seen any passive behavior from FNIX Tanks until yesterday, when one (100% HP) was just standing, farting gas and dropping Ticks… I killed more than 100 Ticks before another Tank crashed the party :disappointed:

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I find the opposite to be the case, tanks now run after me whenever I try to retreat to a better position.

If you don’t destroy their weapons and come close enough they will just stand like idiots, not shooting, only farting a gas or deploying ticks (that’s why destroying a tick pod is a good idea). I think this behavior was there since the release. Military and Prototype tanks are way more dangerous because of their shockwave attack. But FNIX have only gas which make them pretty harmless.