Having hard times to get rivlas and 6* weapons? (PC)

Hello everyone. I see that plenty of players are asking me in-game about why they wont get exp. weapons from rivals.
Well here are reasons:

  1. your character lvl must be lvl 25+
  2. when rivals spawn, you need to wait at least one hour to have at least some chance to drop 6*
    3)try to lvl up your rival to lvl 4 for highest chance
  3. always have at least one rival alive on map
  4. difficulty set on adventure (biggest loot so far)
  5. to have even bigger chance you should make team of 4 players so one of you surely get 6*
  6. clear all non FNIX class rivlas. (They have bad chances)
  7. low lvl players decrease chance for drop if they are in your lobby
  8. killing normal machines give more experinece than deaths but you must be in that region to farm experience for rival
  9. your death may trigger rival if that specific machine kill you
  10. when rival spawn you should go another region to trigger another rival spawn
  11. skirmish difficulty has mostly bad loot chances

I’d be interested to know where you get this information from. Seeing as most of it is unverified.

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I play this game from beta and im very curious person. And these informations are pure experience from this game. I usually do method trial and error. And i write my informations here.

Experience is all well and good, but some of these are outright wrong and/or misleading.

There’s no confirmation on this being the case.

Or this.



Again, you can’t possibly verify this. Unless you provide some sources to your claims it’s misleading information.

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Is 200 hours missleading? These informations are verified by me

That is incorrect. I’ve seen with my own eyes that even when dropping lvl1 rival as soon as it appeared, there is still a chance of getting 6* weapon from it.

Difficulty level doesn’t change the loot amount. Have tested it personally.

That doesn’t hold true either. Almost all 6* weapons i’ve got are from solo play. I rarely get 6* weapon in 4 player game.

I’ve seen that best chances are with military and FNIX class machines.

It depends on a machine killed. If rival kills you, it will get 100 XP from it. If you kill military hunter, rival gets 40 XP from it. But if you kill apo tank, rival gets 224 XP.

I have extensively tested it and know all XP values machines give to a rival as it’s XP.

You can go but there is no requirement for it. Idea of switching the region is to get another rival spawning in another region since there is 2 hours in-game cooldown before rival spawns in same region again. Switching regions gives you something to do in these 2 hours.

Putting out your gameplay hours as proof of credibility (without the conformation source of gameplay hours, only your word) doesn’t make your claims instantly credible.
I have 1000+ gameplay hours, which can be confirmed from here. By that sense, my word would hold far more credibility.
Does it?

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That doesn’t hold true either. Almost all 6* weapons i’ve got are from solo play. I rarely get 6* weapon in 4 player game.

yes there were times when this happend. but not anymore.
In past 3 weeks i gathered 4 experimental weapons and 17 5* weapon, plenty of attachments or experimental cltohs when i played full group

clear all non FNIX class rivlas. (They have bad chances)

I’ve seen that best chances are with military and FNIX class machines.

sorry mislead. i meant focus to have FNIX, military and Apocalypse class… others are not worthy to lvl up.

Does it?

yes it do. I never doubt you

I hate to nitpick, but how much testing went into this?

I’m asking because I did some limited testing and it felt like kills on Guerilla had better loot drops than ones on Adventure. (Though, I did pull an Experimental AG4 on Adventure.) (Of a level 3 Prototype Harvester, I think.)

However, if they ever walk back the difficult change, that would be good to know for future farming.

About 40 gameplay hours.

In my solo game, i play on Guerilla but when i join MP, it often is Skirmish or Adventurer and on those instances, i have not seen any difference in the loot table since the selectable difficulty levels were introduced back in the end of March '20. I still get my usual amount of ammo/first aid kits and weapon drops are random.

But there could always be more testing until devs doesn’t confirm all differences between difficulty modes (so far, different: machine HP, machine damage and rival spawn in chance are confirmed).

Loot (including weapon drop) is RNG and calculated individually, per person. E.g: join a game (SP or MP) and you get 6* weapon off from 1st rival. Quit to Main Menu, Continue your game, new seed is generated for you and you can kill 100+ rivals without getting any 6* weapons, regardless how many persons are in the game.

Being in the group doesn’t increase your chance of getting a weapon drop.

Here’s why (values are examples);

Person A has a seed of 10% chance to 6* weapon.
Person B has a seed of 5% chance to 6* weapon.
Person C has a seed of 0% chance to 6* weapon.
Person D has a seed of 25% chance to 6* weapon.

If you look it as a whole group then per group, the chance for 6* weapon would be 10%, which translates into weapon after every 10th rival kill.
But Person C won’t be getting any 6* weapons, even after every 10th rival kill (10%) since his/hers seed chance is 0%.
Person D would get weapon after every 4th rival kill (25%), rather than after every 10th rival kill (10%).

And these numbers are based on actual fact - or your own experience and have come to your own conclusion?


Meaning that values are there to make a better example. Not showing exactly how things are in the game.
I don’t know real, in-game values.

Ah I see.

I thought with this being the official forum, there would be confirmed % drop rate by now on Experimentals.

I don’t understand if it’s platform specific though - as I’m getting 6* consistently, so can only speculate the criteria is not being fulfilled for them to drop.

Perhaps an actual developer could confirm?

Despite being official forum, there are still a lot of things (game secrets) what devs won’t tell to the players.

My example shows that on individual basis, even when being in the group, there is no increase in drop rate.

However, if you look it by group basis (4 people) or even by entire player base basis, yes, it is more likely that someone will get the weapon (the more people you add, the shorter the time would be).

You don’t need to be playing in the group of 4 to get the weapon in the fastest time possible. As i said above, the more people there are, the faster the chance for weapon drop. So, to get your desired weapon as fast as possible, it’s best to look towards trading. In official GZ Discord, we have dedicated trade channel with lots of people active.

Only when the people in group are willing to share their loot. If they are not, it’s down to the individual RNG and time it takes to find the weapon.

Trading as Aesyle mentioned is by far the more effective way of getting what you want as the drop rate for these have not been confirmed anywhere. Best I could find was that the developers wanted them to be a “rare” find - but I often see these issues being to PC players.

The community on the offical discord is very PC heavy so I’m sure you will be able to find / join someone who can help you out. On another note - I actually bargained with a guy to find me a 5* Machine Gun Compensator so I then have 100% inventory…so could always try that if you have enough to trade with.

The link to help you get started ->