Heal Amount: skill isn't working when healing other players

OK for a game focusing on team and me being a medic. Why do the bonus from this skill not apply to me applying a medkit to another player? I specialized in this skill to use lesser medkits efficiently and I,… can’t,… except to myself. If I wanted it to apply only to me, I would have specc’d into more health. I specc’d to heal people for more. Not sure if this is as intended or a bug.

Let me be a good medic! >.<

For that the whole tree and system, sir, needs total revision.
The entire Medic system was extremely bad made…

Can be done, but it will be a large overhaul of the skilltree, skills, mechanics, …
A LOT of work that’ll be, sir.

The skill named Healer hasn’t been working since the launch day. I found it out early on when i specced my 2nd char for being a Medic as well.

While it would be nice to heal others as their HP drops, the Support tree has other, beneficial skills for medic as well. E.g Medic specialization, which i’ve often used to revive others back to 100 HP. Also, Revive Speed skill compliments that very well.

But i agree, Healer skill should also work as intended.

Corrected topic title and moved topic to #bug-reports.


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That is why I told you to not spend points in the support skills dude.
I hope one day they grant us with the Respec ability.

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I renamed it, but to the skill name, for reporting purposes :smile:

Hopefully will let me give my healz one day,… healz = love

Well for now, I use simple kits on myself since they heal for 40hp and advanced on players. I just have a huge stash of simple lol.

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I think they Heal less in Skirmish and Guerrilla, but on the other hand they are easier to find :wink: .

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Heal Amount skill works fine in SP and in MP as well.
Made some proper testing to get to the bottom of it.

Test setting:
I have Healer + Heal Amount level 1 (+20% bonus from first aid kits)
Other person has Health Amount level 3 (+30% more health overall)

Default heal amounts:
simple: 25 HP
standard: 50 HP

With my Heal Amount level 1 skill, heal amounts are:
simple: 25 HP + 20% = 30 HP
standard: 50 HP + 20% = 60 HP

However, due to the other person’s Health Amount skill, the healing reduction is -10%, leaving the following results:
simple: 25 HP - 10% = 22.5 HP ~23 HP
standard: 50 HP - 10% = 45 HP ~46HP

Same results are seen from video below:

So, there is no issue with Heal Amount skill, even when healing other people in multiplayer.

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I think you are missing the point completely. My heal amount skill should apply to the medkits I apply to the other person. ‘Their’ skill should not matter except to when they use a medkit themselves.

The medkit I apply to ‘anyone’ should matter to my skill level.

20, 40, 60% “Increase the healing amount when using medkits.”

Should add then “except when using on other players” or “this skill only applies to yourself”.

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It’s funny y’all should bring this up I was talking to a friend yesterday and that heal buff with the skill should only apply to the medkit itself as the skill only specifies the medkit not first aid kits. Just my thoughts let me know what y’all think.

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Lmao bad idea, i would start a new char if so :rofl:

It does apply since if you wouldn’t have Heal Amount skill at all and other person has Health Amount skill lvl3, the reduction in health gained would be -30%, making the worst possible scenario, where:

simple: 25 HP - 30% = 17.5 HP ~18 HP
standard: 50 HP - 30% = 35 HP
advanced: 75 HP - 30% = 49.5 HP ~50HP

The best case scenario is when you have Heal Amount lvl3 (+60%) and other person doesn’t have Health Amount skill at all, resulting in:

simple: 25 HP + 60% = 55 HP
standard: 50 HP + 60% = 80 HP
advanced: 75 HP + 60% = 120 HP

Well, it matters and i think it is intended feature.

On the same note, you could argue that when you’re using your Medic specialization to revive other people back to 100 HP, you should not use up one a-shot to revive them. Instead when they revive themselves, only then the a-shot is consumed.
But this is not the case in the game. If you revive someone else, you will use one of your a-shots.

Yes, skill description does say that but i think the description is wrong since there is no “medkit” in the game.

What there are, are:

  • Simple first aid kit
  • Standard first aid kit
  • Advanced first aid kit
  • Paramedic response pack

Most likely the skill description was written during beta when “first aid kits” were named “medkits” but the naming got changed before launch, without fixing the skill description.

Also, this isn’t the only change with “first aid kits” in the game. After launch, all first aid kits had red cross on them but after April '19 update, they were changed to green crosses due to the licensing issues.

Few screens to show it (click here to view)

Pre-April '19 update:

Post-April '19 update:

The skill applies to other players. I was the one being tested on in the vid. According to the math me and Aesyle did, the heal amount skill works on other players. Aesyle had 20% extra heal amount. My character had no extra heal amount. My character however did have an extra 30% health boost. But still the math shows that Aesyle’s heal amount worked on my character.

This scenario should not even exist.

I should be able, at level 3 Heal Amount, heal 40 HP w/ a ‘Simple First Aid Kit’ no matter if it is to myself or ANY other character REGARDLESS what skills they have.

Why even argue something broken like that? I don’t understand you.