Healer skill needs some work

Yesterday I tried my fresh Russian character (medic-demolitionist :crazy_face:) in multiplayer for the first time, and immediately I noticed a huge flaw of the HEALER skill.

I have no idea how much HP does a nearby player has and does he/she require healing.
A health-bar above player head , % number or a list of players with their health would be very helpful.
Even color change of the player tag would suffice - white for 100%, and gradually through yellow to red.

For example here is a screenshot from Dying Light:


That’s not a bad idea. I’m sure for the people who play with other people consistently, it would be far less confusing.

That would put colorblind players in a disadvantage since they can’t tell color change, especially if it’s slow/gradual.

Best option would be the white HP percentage number just below the Title tag.
This way, healers can see how much HP their buddies have and can pick appropriate first aid kit to heal. E.g if buddy has HP at 57%, it would be waste to use advanced first aid kit and simple first aid kit wouldn’t be enough. Standard first aid kit would be the best option in that example.