Health of the game first

THIS INST A BUG or have anything to do with ANYONE’S HEALTH

The Jist

The point of this is to show the dev’s we want quality of life updates for the game FIRST before more content.
I’m sure they want the same thing, but I have seen a lot of people want more content for the game before the game is fixed. Let’s just let them know to take notes of what we would like but we want this game to function for all first. :slight_smile:

  1. Take care of the reports on frame drops
  2. Optimize better for the platforms you are on
  3. Fix existing bugs
  4. DON’T let peoples wants rule over you

We all have ideas for content but remember. The health of the game always comes first before content. Adding more only adds the the time it takes to understand and fix bugs within the game. Adding one thing can really make the game difficult to patch going further. Be excited and add ideas to the off topic forum but remember we need health first! Otherwise what good are your features if you cant even have a game that can actually run them without a problem?

I say this knowing the dev’s are not dumb, they want to fix the game first and make it work. Let it be known tho that sometimes they feel rushed and want to make a good game. I have seen people say only after a few hours after a post that they have a problem with the dev’s not responding. Give them time, don’t rush them. You bought the game because you see potential, if you currently have it remember to give the devs your bug reports. Let them know the problems they need to fix. Find a forum where your problem is already discussed and say something.

The Take

We all bought this game because we see something in it. Don’t let bugs and “lack of content” take you away from that. We are the community and let’s be a healthy one ourselves. The better we handle ourselves the more we will receive.

Thank you for reading. Let’s the dev’s know they are doing great for the initial game. Be patient


March 27, 2019

Hey killer I’m loving the enthusiasm and activity on the forum helping people where possible.This is some great feedback however it is in the wrong section. Please copy and paste your post to the feedback section so that your suggestion can be logged and viewed by the correct personnel. This is just for organization. Once again thank you for the excitement and support!

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