Health skill works or not?

I have already taken one level of the health skill and I hesitate to take another one.
Does it do anything? What the 100 of the health bar means : 100 % or 100 health points?

The bar is only a percentage, not some point level, which I honestly think just makes things more confusing (as you found out.

I can confirm that it at least appears to work though, medkits heal you proportionately less than without the skill for each point you take, and machine attacks do appear to do less damage.

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Thanks for answering.
So what about the one level health skill I have bought : has it really increased my health amount or not? Has anybody tested this? For example after the perk taken, one shot from a tank rocket could appear as let’s say 80 percent of damage instead of 90 percent?

Before the perk, a standard medkit heals you for 50% of your health. That goes down by 5% for each point you put into the perk, so it looks like it does indeed increase HP. I can’t comment on damage, as I usually don’t pay much attention to it unless I’m below about 40% HP.

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That is a good answer, thx.