Heartbeat and breating

Please, PLEASE make this optional…
I hunt by audio, and this constant… NOIZE… is SO irritating…
My God…

I beg of you, make it optional… please?

It only does that when you’re out of stamina. Have you tried running less?


wow that’s salty ;D It could use some balancing, I agree with OP.

Those sounds were added as an “immersion feature” in one of the first patches, april or may.

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For me it is fine as it is. Imagine running through the woods while listening closely for faint sounds. Probably not working that well.

I do that IRL and it works wonders! :slight_smile:


I didn’t know it was added, sorry. It does need looking at in any case. If you’re out of breath and get on a bike, you’ll keep panting even if you’re just sat there…

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It’s not the stamina that bugs me into nigh choking the very life out of my computer, its the DAMN sound.
I care not for being out of stamina (though it’s INSANELY low in GZ, or am I crazy? I remember back in my army days, full battledress, running a mile… I was not doing THAT like after 5 meters, I can tell you that much. Then, I did not just “uber-powerfully” end that run either, I started to feel it after like 200, 300 meters, depending on what day I had…).
Now, my character, though like 17, 18, is SO out of shape, he’s about to have the most massive, epic heart/lung fail in 5 meters?

Thank you for replaying, miss. :slight_smile:

Immersive, if you play a person on a heart/lung machine, yes…
NOT a “semi-soldier teen”…?

Thank you for responding, sir. :slight_smile:

In GZ then, that would be slightly unhealthy at times… I think…
I mean, if you have a pack of Hunters chasing you… you just can’t go like: "Hol’on lads… I need a breather. Anyone of you mech-Muppets got an oxygen tank and a “defuckulator” (Billy Connolly, stand up comedian, awesome video, language not quite suited for linking)?

Thank you for replaying.

Just TOO much, right, miss???

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Normal movement already is jogging. Now holding Shift down is sprinting. I am moderately fit, but what my character in the game is able to pull off in terms of movement speed is nothing short of record breaking.

Oh boy, I am laughing hard. My belly hurts! :smiley:

No that would not be healthy, but I vote for a comedy mode for the game!

Well, things are often too serious with me…
So every so often I try to break it with oddity… :slight_smile:

As seeing from your PoV, true.
5 meter… XD

Thank you.

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