Hedge maze limit

so close

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That sucks, man.
I get why they limit some things (notably pillboxes), but others…
why must they limit

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I tried a base with a tower defense theme. It was a very small tower defense :frowning:

Unfortunate, would’ve been cool to see

Yes, I agree.
I once made a suggestion to revamp these limits. Not especially because of hedges, but in general because of the base defense dlc pack.

My idea was, that if you have a base that already reaches all limits and you buy the dlc, then you still have to rebuild your base in order to be able to use the dlc structures. I thought about new categories for these structures (with a small dlc-icon) with own limits and that the existing limits or categories should be redone.

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Or if you by the base dlc’s the base limit goes up by a bit.