HEDP rockets stopped spawning

I play with my uncle, and he finished the game and the DLCs. He said that he can’t find HEDPs anymore, even though he has killed way more machines with rocket launchers. I use a Granatgevär a lot, and I am afraid this will happen to me. Is there any way to help my uncle, and to prevent this happening to me?

Quit the game, exit the application if you are on PC, or just exit the game and go back to PS or Xbox menus.
Enter the game again and make sure you are carrying the Granatgevar, sometimes ammo is harder to spawn, other times it´s easier.
But usually Tanks, Harvesters and Hunters can have some.
Take in consideration that it´s one of the rarest ammo to get, although sometimes we can get a lot, it´s not unusual to have difficulty to find it.

There are also the schematics to make the ammo but it requires a lot of resources.

Besides what is said by Mr_A1992 above, there is one source of HE rockets as well: Ammo Packs.

Per 1 Ammo Pack, you can get 3x rockets. So, if you have HE loaded in your m/49, and you’re holding it in your hands, you’ll get up to 3x HE rockets. But if you have EMP loaded, you’ll get EMP rockets and so forth. One use = one rocket.

Though, the best source of them is ammo crafting.

Thanks, but where do I get the schematic?

Thanks, will try that.

Usually when people want to get collectibles or schematics, they look for online guides and maps.
I suggest you do the same :wink:
It´s way quicker than explaining it, and some maps cant be shared here on the forum.

User-made guides aren’t forbidden here. :wink:

That being said, here are all ammo crafting schem locations: Schematics - Fixed Locations - #137 by Aesyle

Note: some may not be on the same spot as seen there, since devs moved them around after map revamp. Even if they aren’t on the same spot, they are still within same POI. But HE rocket schem should be where screen shows it, since that part of the map isn’t overhauled, yet.

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