Hej dagbok / Hello Dear Diary

[This is a diary from character viewpoint. It’s written in a purple velvet notebook with a black silk bookmark and a silver heart shaped lock, it’s scented. The hand writing is tiny but neat. There drawings in the marginals and over whole pages. And collages.]

"I came upon a diary of a resistance fighter while scavanging, and in it was a suggestion for the reader to write one, too. Although I’m not an expert in English, I will write mostly in that language because I fear the Swedish language (aswell as maybe Meän kieli and Finnish) might become extinct soon. As far as I can tell, everywhere I go, I see corpses and ruins.

I don’t know what more to write right now, I’m getting veeery sleepy. I’m not used to think about my situation because anymore, I’m putting my all into surviving day by day. I’m trying to not dwell too much about the scary bigger picture. But if anybody can benifit from it later on it will be worth it, writing this diary.

Especially since this menace might not be satisfied with taking over just Sweden or the Nordic countries. What does it want? It seems like that thing in the movie Alphaville. If I can find out more maybe somebody else can figure out how to stop it if we fail.

Maybe the Japanese? I do love cyberpunk novels.
I can’t write in japanese tho.
I’m almost falling asleep as I write.
:purple_heart:Sweet dreams, Diary."

If @4L1N4 wants to write some IC (In-Character) stuff here, let’s keep discussions to another topic.
I’ll happily do some cleanup here if the creator of the topic wishes it

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