Helldivers Diary A GenerationZero Story Day 8-Part 1

Day 8

I had breakfast and studied the blueprint I had found on the beach. It was a detailed drawing of a runner. I found out that I had assessed the weaknesses of the robot well. The drawing gave me final certainty. As a designer, a certain Van Ulmer was responsible.
I’d heard the name somewhere before.

In the late morning I went to Salthamm. If the Hunter I destroyed yesterday wasn’t the one guarding the antenna and maybe the bridge, I had to reckon with enemy contact.

I fell into a slight trot and ran the road towards the bridge. When I could see the bridge, I immediately saw the Hunter standing tall and threatening on the road. I immediately shot at him and hit him. Then I ran down again to Mortsnäs.

The Hunter behind me. I reached the house and quickly jumped into the entrance. I walked up the stairs and stopped halfway up the stairwell.
The robot reached the house, which I could see from the yellow beam of light that fell into the hallway. I went into the squat and carefully sneaked down the stairs. The robot was again close to the window like yesterday. No shot fell. Only the sword blade came out hissing and in. I watched the robot. He did not move like a tin soldier. Quietly I sneaked into the kitchen in the squat. I had a little more cover here. When there was a firefight.

I put on him. The robot could only detect the barrel that was right next to the doorpost of the kitchen door. He stood sideways from me. I had a good view of the ammunition container of his arm MG. I aimed carefully and pulled the trigger. The robot exploded and fell to the side.

Wow, I had done it with one shot. I clenched my fist like the German tennis star, as was the name of the once again I think something with Becker.

I walked slowly onto the veranda of Mortsnäs. Except for the Hunter, nothing had haunted me.
I went back to exploit him. Then I made my way to Salthamm.

The bridge was in front of me I peered with the binoculars, because the bridge was 500 m long and I was quite unprotected on it. A few abandoned cars stood on the bridge. In case of need a cover. Hopefully there wasn’t a Hunter lurking on the other side. Since the bridge seemed to be free, I made a sprint to the first car. I looked forward and backward. The air was pure. I kept going. Finally, the end of the bridge was only 50m away I peered again with the binoculars. About 500 m away, a few runners ran across the road. They couldn’t capture me because the distance was too large for their sensors.

When I was sure that nothing could lurk for me, I dared to make a move. My plan was to walk into the place and get into some house. Then reorient me and then work myself house by house to the bunker. I ran straight into the first street after the bridge. Then came such a silver thing flown. I searched for cover in a bus stop and fired my pistol at the thing. I took it down from the sky with two shots. I had just run off, and there was a second Seeker flew out of a street and immediately gave a loud siren signal, then hell broke loose. Several runners came from all sides. I shot with the pump and was able to destroy two runners.

Then the pump was empty. I switched to the pistol, which I was able to reload faster. I shot and shot. I damaged some runners. I was able to find cover behind a car and changed the magazine of the Klaucke. I sat pretty much in the shit. Then the hum of a Hunter sounded.

I was able to fight down two runners again, which gave me air to reload the pumpgun.
I jumped behind the car and shot at the Hunter. I fired two shots and ran on. I feverishly searched for a house entrance where the door might be open, I jumped into a house entrance and tried to open the door. I cursed it was locked.

I shot again at the Hunter, who had just stopped to shoot at me. As I ran out of the entrance, heavy projectiles hit the wall behind me, and chunks of plaster strayed through the air.
I reloaded the pump gun as I walked. I just thought to stay moving. As long as he can’t shoot at me.

From the corner of my eye I saw a movement behind a window. I had ducked behind a car and shot again at the Hunter. Several runners came up the street I switched to the gun and shot at them. The Hunter came closer. When I looked at the house opposite, I noticed that the curtain had moved. I shot the Hunter again. Then a door opened in the house.

A tall, bearded man waved to me violently and I ran out of my pistol firing at the approaching runners. One of them exploded. The Hunter also got some shots. A bullet slammed into the garden wall of the house next to me. Then I rushed into the entrance of the house and ran over the man. We both fell in the hallway. I rose up and fired my last shots at the Hunter who had run after me. I threw the door into the lock and screamed “stay down!!!”

Immediately afterwards, an MG salvo crashed onto the front door and pierced it. Bullets smashed into the hallway wall.

I quickly called “out here, into another room."

The man immediately switched and crawled on all fours as fast as he could into a side room. He crawled to the left and I to the right of the door. The wall offered enough space for me to be out of the firing line. Suddenly glass was clattering in the opposite room and bullets swept through the door and smashed into the wall of the room. A high scream rang out. As the dust had lowered, I could see my savior. A young, red-haired, bearded man with thick, muscular arms tattooed.

Next to it, a young, blonde woman rose up from the floor. She wore a colorful summer dress and had fashionable sandals on her feet. Her blonde hair was short and cut according to the latest fashion. She had a very pretty face and big, fearful eyes. She cried as tears rolled down her cheeks. “I’m scared,” she said.

Hi, I’m Thort said the man to me.

“Helldiver,” I replied succinctly.

“It’s a weird name,” he said.

“Have his reason,” I replied. “Thank you for opening me. That was just you saved my ass.”

“No cause dude,” he said. “You gave it quite nice to the tin cans.”

“I’ve been doing this all the time”

Again, a bullet swept through the door as the girl moved. She screamed out loud, balled up on the floor, clasped her hands over her head and shouted HELP !!!, HELP!!! STOP IT!!! HELP!!! STOP IT!!! PLEASE STOP!!! She sobbed loudly. She had a French slang.

“I’d scream even louder in your place, then at least they know where you are so they can shoot you,” I said harsh.

I looked carefully around the doorpost, but immediately came another salvo. The young woman lay on the floor like a bundle of misery, sobbing heartbreakingly, “Please stop I’m scared I’m scared.” She cried.

I was sorry.

“Thort, best you pull her back a little bit you still have space and then hold her tight. A wrong move and she’s dead. She calmed down a little bit and slipped a little more backwards into the room.

She straightened up and slapped her fist at Thort

'Why’s you even let him in. Because of him, these monstres (French. monsters) on us.

“Hey, you goat, I should watch about how to shoot him” Maybe he can help us get into the Salthamm bunker." He’s at least armed.’

“Don’t you have weapons”

“No, we have not,” he said in a broad Swedish accent.

“Dude we were on a bike ride. I was with her,” he said, pointing out to the young woman
"When the alarm went off.”

“My parents have a boarding house. She comes from France and has always been on holiday with her parents, so we know each other from a young child. She wants to study in Stockholm after the summer holidays. Something nonsense with economy. She was looking for a place to stay. By the time we arrived, my parents were already gone. Have a letter left they should be in the Salthamm bunker. We wanted to go there, too, but there were the machines. The dogs chased us. I am roofer and had randomly the key of the house here. Then we ran in. “

“And where do you come from?"

"I come from Ibboholmen; I have been fighting the machines for seven days. Was previously with my friends in the archipelago on a kayak tour. We didn’t know about the whole alarm and were fired upon when we returned to Ibboholmen. I was the only one who survived. My friends are all dead. “

“It’s a shame,” Thort said.

“How long have you been stuck here?” I asked.

“So, ten eleven days I don’t know exactly. Here is a whole horde robot marched through and
and riveted down everything that moved. Even the army hasn’t put it on the line. Have all evacuated. Maybe they’re all gone already.” Thort said.

The young woman sat in the corner and said no sound. She looked at me badly from her big dark eyes.

“I was just hanging around on Ibboholmen and struggling with the robots. Luckily, I found some weapons.”

I put the pump aside.

“I am also looking for my parents. My last information was that they should go to the Salthamm bunker. I want to go there too, so if you want, we can go there together. We may have to clear our way

‘But I don’t want to. I’m scared.’

“Mademoiselle you can also stay here if you want. I get it on my own, but together we are stronger.”

I caught a nasty look from her. She was very pretty, had a beautiful curved, narrow-lipped mouth and large, almost black eyes. They looked at me badly. With her stubby blonde hair, she looked a bit like the younger edition of Roxette, the female part of the Swedish pop duo.

I pulled my Klaucke out of the holster and took out the boxes with cartridges. In my backpack I also had the Klaucke that I had found near Stenhaga in the military camp. I filled the magazine. Then I pushed her across the floor to Thort.

“Here, can you handle it?”

“No, no, was not in the army.”

“Then there is now a quick course.” I said

I also ammunitioned the Möller and pushed her across the floor to the young woman.

“It looks different to mine,” I said, "but the operation is the same.”

" She frowned"

“So, come on Mademoiselle. At least that’s how you can defend yourself.” Reluctantly, she took the gun in her hand.

“So, listen and watch”

I held up my gun pointing up the push button that they had to press to take the magazine out of the gun and let them imitate it. We practiced it two times. Then I showed them how to load the gun. Then I showed them the safety lever of the weapon. Then I asked them to put the weapons on the ceiling and hold the cock with their thumbs, press the trigger and leave the cock carefully forward. The young woman lined up a bit awkwardly and a shot was released. Plaster trickled down on us.

“Are you hurt?” I asked,

“No, she replied” frightened.

“Then we do it again Mademoiselle” I showed her how to cock the hammer

“Please turn the gun to the ceiling if something goes wrong again.”

She relaxed the cock and this time she made it without firing the gun

“Good Mademoiselle” I said

“Mademoiselle also has a name,” she replied to me snappily sassy

“You haven’t called him me yet”

“I’m called Amelie,” she said.

“Pleasant Helldiver,” I replied.

"Have you understood this so far with the weapons

“Well dude really good now can at least shoot back” said Thort

I searched in my backpack for more ammunition and grabbed the canned goods that I had taken with me.

" Hey dude you have something to eat. We’ve nailed for ten days; we’ve been sitting here ever since and when you go into the kitchen the beasts shoot at. Drinking was still going on at the sink on the toilet."

The staircase was behind them and in a windowless room. I put my canned food on "Well, it’s not the French creme de cuisine, but I’d have ravioli, pasta in tomato sauce, goulash with sauce, tuna in oil; Herring in tomato sauce; Red beans; baked beans Aaaaaand kale with sausage. What do you want? Unfortunately, I can only offer you cold.

“The can of ravioli,” said Thort looks seductive from I’m so hungry"

"You can also like to have everyone a can I think in the bunker will be more food.”

" Amelie, what about you?" I asked her. She stared at the cans.

“What do you want, look for something.” I said cheerfully,

“Noodles with tomato sauce.” She beep quietly.

"OK and you Thort the ravioli? "

“Man dude, you don’t know how hungry I am"

“Well then just too.”

I set out to open the cans

“Who wants the fork and who wants the spoon” I asked

“Give me the fork,” said Thort I put them in the open can of ravioli, the spoon in the noodles, then I first pushed Amelie the can over with the rifle barrel.

Luckily, there was no bullet. Then I pushed Thort the other can.
I packed away the remaining cans and Thort asked

“You don’t”

"I’ve eaten something this morning.”

Amelie spooned hesitantly at first, but then she ate hungry. She looked at me. I lowered my eyes because I didn’t want to stare at her. With her face smeared with tomato sauce, she looked really cute.

Thort spooned first hastily, then a little more thoughtful. “Man dude, if you haven’t eaten anything for ten days, this is a feast, heaven has sent you. Man thank you.” "

Turning to Amelie, he said,

“Hey, you goat you can at least say thank you to him for sending him to death and throwing him out. He has given us weapons and gets us out of the shit, you could be a little nicer to him.”

It’s all right, she didn’t mean it that way," I said, looking her in the eye. She lowered her eyes and beeped "Thank you”

When they emptied the cans, they gave me my cutlery. I picked out paper towels out of the depths of my backpack and gave them over to them. I looked carefully around the corner again and saw the big robot standing by the window.

“I’ll take care of it right away,” I said.

“If you can crawl over to the stairs, then I can also come to you we have to see how we get to the bunker on the shortest way."

They did what I told them, and I quickly jumped through the doorway. The robot did not shoot. They could not react to rapid movements, but they were too sluggish. I spread my card. Thort knew well and knew exactly where the bunker was. I asked in the round if anyone wanted something sweet, holding some chocolate bars in my hand. Amelie took one and gave me a narrow smile.

I showed them on the blueprint of the runner where the weak points were and what they were supposed to shoot.

"When a Hunter shows up, that’s the big one out there. Always keep moving, shoot at its center or right or left of it. That’s where he’s most sensitive. “

Then I sharpened my plan for the two of them.

“Run down the street as quickly as possible. When a seeker shows up shoot it immediately. Definitely keep running. “

"Thort, you take the lead, then you Amelie and I at the end. No matter what happens, you run to the bunker. I will stop them until you are in it so please be quick. And don’t slammed the door in front of my nose.”

I looked at Amelie. She lowered her eyes and dodged my gaze.

I had them repeat the plan three times. I took my cigarette packet out and offered everyone one. Amelie also took a cigarette and smoked it. I checked my weapons again. I smoked in silence and focused on the upcoming fight. I put out my cigarette on the floor.
And said

“can we?”

“I can go,” Thort said, as he cocked the hammer of his weapon.

I looked at Amelie and she nodded and took the gun in her hand. I cocked her hammer.

"It’s better with the shooting just watch out with the trigger. “

I slowly straightened up and walked to the door of the hallway slowly I pushed the pump gun forward and aimed at the robot. He stood by the window just like in Mortsnäs. I aimed at the ammunition container of his arm MG.
Then I pulled the trigger. Glass shattered a bright cloud of embers coming out of the robot and he fell to the side. I went to the door she opened carefully. A runner stood on the street
I shot him straight away.

Then I said " RUN."

Thort ran off and Amelie trippl with her high-heeled sandals behind. I went backwards behind them and nudged her because she was so slow.

“Can you do it a little faster,” I jostled.

“Damn we have to go ahead, so put a tooth on it,” I jostled,

"I can’t” was her weepy answer.

I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her with me.

“Not so fast or I fall.”

“If we don’t do faster, we’ll have a lot of company.”

I saw some shadows scurrying in the side streets. From some corner sounded the dog-like barking of a runner. A seeker came flying I shot him straight away. Amelie uttered a pointed scream and hopped down the street. Thort had already reached the grid gate in front of the bunker and opened it A runner came around the corner of a road junction.
I shot immediately and he exploded.

“Let’s run man” I told Amelie and she tried to run a little faster.

I was close behind her. Another runner came running I immediately took him under fire, then we were at the bunker area.

“Run to the bunker I called,” go”

I fired at the runner, two more came along with a spray spark the other exploded. Then behind me I heard a meaty clapping and a howl

"Auuuuuaaaaaa; Auuuuuuaaaaaa, my knee.”

I quickly looked around and saw Amelie lying on the ground. I cursed, my pistol was empty. I hastily changed the magazine and fired at the runners who tried to encircle us.

“Shoot damn!”

I roared, desperately trying to prevent the robots encirquecing me and Amelie.

“Take your gun Amelie!” I yelled.

I quickly shot at a runner, then I pulled her up. She cried, but had the gun in her hand a runner tried to cut our way to the bunker.

“Shoot at him,” I said as I shot at another runner who wanted to take us under fire and hit the runner, who then ran on.

Thort stood in the open bunker door and took another runner under fire. I pulled Amelie with me towards the bunker door. My Klaucke was empty I pushed it into the holster and took the pump gun and fired at the runners who invaded the bunker area. I pushed Amelie forward with my back and covered her. Thort also fired and hit. The weapon almost disappeared into his paw.

Then we were finally at the bunker door. We threw them behind us. At first it was gloomy as if in the sack, because no light was burning. I pinched the flashlight. Then we reloaded our weapons. I helped Amelie, who sniffed and grinned a little and kept saying “Auuuaaaaa”

I saw the blood running down her leg.

“Is it ok” I asked her.

She nodded.

"OK. Then on, we need to go to the control center to turn on the light.”

I walked in front of. I took the pumpgun and worked slowly. At the first gang bend lay a dead soldier. Amelie howled and slapped her hand in front of her mouth. On the floor lay a rifle I lifted it up and Hurra it was an Automatgevär 4. I immediately hung it around and examined the soldier for ammunition and took it to me.

It matched the Automatgevär 4. We went on. At the next aisle bend it glowed ominously red. Here lurked surely a tick I went carefully around the corner, ready to shoot any moment.

As soon as I was bent around the corner there came also the first crawling critter running I took a step back and bumped against someone. I heard several pointed screams behind me that only from Amelie I could shoot, but she ripped me by the arm, so I moved and shot next to it. I had no chance Thort shot also and was missing, the tick jumped up and landed on my head. I was able to knock him down with Thort’s help and destroy him with the pump, with Amelie holding me screaming by the arm and pushing me in front of her to use me as cover.
I turned around and pushed her aside violently.

"Damn again If you want to hide behind me at least take your fingers off. Again and I’ll slap you one in: "

I was pretty angry because I knew how dangerous these things were. I noticed something warm in my neck. My head was burning. I reloaded the pump gun and went on. The next tick lurked a little further in the aisle. I did it right away. I heard Amelie sobbing and groaning behind me. I was smelly angry at her. Slowly we worked our way up to the control center. I found the light switch and turned on the light. Then we went through the other rooms. A runner lurked in the hospital ward. Thort and I did it. The tick lurking in a corner was also destroyed by us. Then we had secured the bunker.

I asked in the round

“Are you hurt Thort?” He denied

“But you Amelie”

She stood there with her head lowered and her arms flaccid. I took the gun out of her hand and relaxed her. Then I unloaded it and pressed the cartridge back into the magazine. Then I gave her the gun back. She continued to stand with her head lowered.

“You’re hurt Amelie, this needs to be treated, come with me to the infirmary”

I took her by the arm and gently pulled her with me. Willingly, she trotted beside me.
I pressed her on a chair then I looked around in the cupboards and found iodine, plasters, gauze ties, gauze pads, also a sink was there. The water was running. I let the faucet run because I didn’t know how long the water had been in the pipe. Then I made a piece of gauze tie wet. I put a chair on my way. Then I said to her,

“Come give me your injured leg.”

She lifted it up and I put it on my knees. I looked at her. She looked back shyly a tear running down her cheek.

“I’ve got to clean it up now I said “it can hurt a little bit. But we have to do that so that it doesn’t catch fire, ok.”

She nodded. I went to work and cleaned the wound as best I could. Carefully, I scooped them off. Then I took the iodine.

“Attention now it burns a little,” I said, pupating the wound with the iodine. She grimaced a little but didn’t start crying again.

Then I folded a little mull and pressed some sore ointment on it and placed it carefully on her wound. Then I stuck a plaster over it. During the treatment I noticed her feet, which had some red pressure points where the straps of the sandals ran.

“May I,”

I asked, opening the closure of a sandal without waiting for an answer from her. I carefully pulled her off her foot. She had a decent bubble on the span. I carefully swiped her foot and asked,

“Did your Foot bend before you fell?”

“No”, she beeped,” I kind of got stuck”

“OK, you don’t have any pain in your ankle?” I asked her

“No” she answered

I carefully investigated her ankles again.

I cleaned the bubble and brushed some ointment over it. Then I glued a patch to her.

“Do you give me the other foot?” I asked.
Without resuming, she took one leg down after I had carefully put the sandal back on her.
She put her second leg on my knees. I reopened her sandal and carefully pulled her off her foot, I scanned her ankles and treated her blisters. Then I carefully put the sandal on her again.

She took her leg down and said “thank you,” smiling a little.

"What do your hands look like?”

She held her to me and I examined her palms, the left one was a bit scrubbed. I cleaned it and brushed some sore ointment on it.

"You have to let that move in. Tomorrow it will be better again. “

She looked at me with her big eyes. Then I looked her deep in the eye and said,

"Listen, I’m sorry about that in the aisle, but it was a dangerous situation, these things are deadly and they have razor-sharp claws to teach you bad injuries. I was just pissed because you held me. I’m sorry I took you so rough. ”

“It’s good, you were right,” she said, "I’m terribly scared, especially in the dark.

She looked at me with an apologetic look. Then her eyes widened,

“Ohhh mon Dieu you’re hurt.”

“Yes, where,”

“To your head. Ohh mon Dieu (French: My God) you bleed. I have to look at that,” she said, standing up.

Slowly and carefully she pulled the cap off my head I was in stinging pain. She breathed again

"mon Dieu, mon Dieu, (French: My god) that’s all my fault. I didn’t say anything.

She cleaned my wounds and pupated them with iodine. I had some cuts to my head that burned like fire. Amelie stroked healing ointment on it and put a head bandage on me, but she was very skilful. She gently stroked my cheek with her hand and said to me,

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s ok. We all make mistakes, you don’t know the critters, but I’ll teach you everything about them.”

She smiled at me as I gently took her hand into my

“Is everything ok with you again now,” I asked

“Oui,” (French: Yes) she said, smiling.

Only now could I see what a pretty face she had. Her big eyes looked at me with a warm look. Her beautifully curved mouth formed with a smile, sweet dimples in her cheeks. She had a small fine nose in her narrow face.

“Allez (French: come on), we’re looking for the kitchen, then I’ll make you eat something,” she said, pulling me up from the chair.

We searched the aisle and found a canteen. I carefully pushed open the door and jumped in with a drawn pistol. Then I examined the room for ticks that might be lurking. The canteen was clean. Thort, meanwhile, had been running around in the bunker and had secured the team rooms. He had found a storeroom next to the canteen. I secured it with Thort. He laughed when he saw the cans.

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