Hello dear~ this is email from Korean Hunters Event News


Event for Korean users of The Hunter Call of the Wild to add more excitement to the hunting experience

Date: 2019/2/2 14:00 ~ 2019/2/16 16:00 (2 weeks)

Location: Hirschfelden, layton lake

Hosts: MilkyMongky


Prize: 1st ~ 3rd place: Avalanche Studio’s new release

Generation Zero: pre-ordered

*Above prize is sponsored by MilkyMongky

Question: Questions can be answered at the (https://cafe.naver.com/callofthewild) event’s notice board

[How to Participate]

  1. Anyone can participate in the event

  2. Must use .243 rifle and softpoint bullet.

  3. Upload on the event’s board with silver and gold ratings only.

  4. Silver rating will receive 2 points and 3 points for gold rating. Prize will be rewarded to 1st to 3rd place based on the total number of points.

Rabbits and the birds do not count as points

We all very excited about Avalanche Studios New game Generation Zero
Our group will going to gather people who play GZ and share infomation for our own.
We are haveing this little events to have some fun and also introduce Generation Zero to Many People in Korea. Thank you for makeing great game.