HELP! Game crashed and I seem to have lost everything

After 229 hours of playing, I’m at Level 31, I have a fully 5-starred Kpist and I’ve saved the Hotel defence mission until now, when I have a huge stash of Landmines and Gas bottles. So I return to the hotel, lay my traps and go talk to the resistance girl in the basement. Here come the machines - three lots of 4 waves, and I absolutely NAIL them. I go outside to loot the wreckage, and the game throws a blue screen in Windows 10 Pro 64.
After the restart, Steam shows my handsome level of progress and loads of finished missions, but Gen Zero tells me my Save Game is corrupt, and do I want to delete it? Saying OK is the only option. When I get back to the menu the only thing available to me is New Game.
Can I recover from this nightmare or is this the end of my Gen Zero adventures?

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