Help I lost all my guns

Hello devs, I recently logged on and I was disappointed to find, every single gun,clothing and gear I had in my inventory was gone. I had all of the experimentals in my inventory and it was gone all of it. I do not know how it happened but all of a sudden I was at the place where you first spawn when creating a new world with no weapons. I am playing on the PS4 platform and I
Logged on on November 7th. PLZ FIX

Oh and the guns I lost were all of the experimental except the Ag4

In my opinion it sounds like a bug on your system not the game itself if everything is gone. Because
if you would like to play the game with a clean start like it sounds like it is for you. you have to manually delete savefiles for the game. If you have online saves active you could try reloding that save file. But this is my opinion.