Help me choose assault rifle, with poll

For the first time, I went in every room in a command bunker, and got a bunch of ammo packs and some attachments I needed! Also, after fighting a military harvester, a fnix harvester and 2 fnix tanks, I finally got an extended magazine for the ag4! Five star as well​:slightly_smiling_face:. Goodbye AI-76, hello ag4! Is this a good decision or should I stick with AI-76? Thanks for any feedback. Also, it would be great if people could share their opinions on my other topic about arenas. I made a poll so people can reply without having to write an essay. You can of course though :joy:!

  • AI-76
  • Ag4
  • Ag5

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The assault rifle you use is personal preference. So whatever you want to use. You should use that one. The Ai-76 has a better fire rate. But that comes with recoil. It also has a larger mag size when upgraded. But the AG4 is more controllable. Also yeah, bunkers are great spots for loot farming.

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I would suggest using AI-76 until you find an experimental AG4.

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Yeah but AG4 experimental is mostly only worth it with the ammo upgrade.

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I’ll admit that I’m biased to G3 (AG4), so I’ll try to be ojective.

Want firepower in CQC? Go for AK (AI-76). Best DPS amont these three, at expense of ammo consumption and mediocre handling. Also 10 rounds in a mag do the difference. But you limited to iron and reflex sights.
Want all-round rifle? Go for G3 (AG4). Best damage per bullet, a bit better handling thanks to slower firerate. Has potential for DMR (with skills). 20-round default mag (up to 35) - expect getting caught with pants down a lot. Allows fancy optics up to 4-8 with gadgets. And yeah, biggest redeeming point about getting familiar with this rifle is it’s “experimental” version that has incediary bullets.
Want some more consistent DPS for mid-long range? Go for FNC (AG5). Less common ammo (for me), but pickups are more generous than 7,62. Best combo of high RoF, soft recoil and good acuracy. Allows same fancy optics as AG4. One of lowest DPS within automatic guns in game, but bullets have good default penetration.

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AG4 and AI-76 are meant for two different playstyles.
AG for longer range, higher accuracy and more damage pr. shot.
AI for more aggressive close range combat.


Thanks everyone for all this help/advice. It has been very useful!

From another topic, comes this comparison between AG4 and AI-76:

AG5, in the other hand, uses 5.56mm rounds and damage per bullet wise, it is equal to Klaucke. Though, it is also easy to handle but 5.56mm ammo is rare to find (unless you’re in Himfjäll). Attachements wise, it can take almost all attachments as AG4, with one exception of not being able to have 4-8x scope.

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true but the experemental ag4 is just ehh like they should of made the ag5 the experemental so we can still use the al 76 i say we riot to get that changed

I use all of them. Ai-76 for close combat. AG4 for longer ranges and the AG5 for close combat as an SMG without scope or for semi close combat with scope.

You can still use both. They share ammo, so why not?

Not to many players will back you on this change. I for one don’t use any of the weapons that use the 5.56 ammo. None of the weapons impress me enough when I was testing them and then watch others use them, to carry two different ammo types. Since you could use a “sniper” rifle, assault rifle and a LMG with all using the same ammo in them. And 2 of the 3 are experimental weapons. If you use one of the 3 more than the others, you still can carry a lot of ammo for the one you use most and not have to balance it out like when you carry different types of ammo.

Forgot the answer on the question.

Compare the values of the guns. I don’t know which classes you own.

Before I found my experimental ag4 I loved to use my AI76. At this time I didn’t use scopes on my assault rifles, just a red dot. I used them just for close to medium range.

One big pro argument for the AI76 was the burst-mode. You can empty a magazine with burst-mode much faster than with full auto, if you hit the trigger fast. Often when I was in trouble against a tank ot harvester I switched to burst and pumped them full with bullets.

The AG4 is ok. At first I loved the AG5 more, because of its handling and feeling. But I didn’t find as much ammo as I needed. My playstyle turned into fighting more from distance and I changed the red dot to a 1-4 scope on my ag4, often used single shot mode for far targets and switched to full auto when they came closer.

Since I found my exp ag4, it’s my primary weapon without doubt. I find more ammo than I need or I can carry and if I like, I can switch to my exp kvm59 without needing different ammo.

Try them and their attachments you’ve got and you’ll find the best for you. It may change with more or better attachments again.

I’ve found that all of the automatic rifles are equal in accuracy and all of them can hit a propane tank reliably out to 200m. You can mount magnified scopes to the AG4 and AG5 but they really don’t have the accuracy to make optimal use of the magnification at longer ranges. A red dot is really all you need.

The AI76 has the most firepower (DPS), and when you’re in the optimal automatic rifle range (close to medium) you really need that firepower. You need to be able to knock a hunters cannon off or destroy a runner before a mag change. That’s more difficult with the AG4 and AG5.

That’s why I prefer the AI76 above the other two, especially with an extended mag, red dot, and barrel extension.

ya but the problem is the experemental ag4 takes the same ammo as the experimental kvm59 and the kvm is pretty good when combos well with the experimental ag4 and no im not just gonna use ap rounds for 1 thats just stupid

LOL That’s what I do! I use FMJ in my AI76 since I’m normally using it on weak points, and AP with my MG’s since I’m normally just blasting away without targeting specific parts. Might as well use AP for the MG’s since the shots are landing everywhere and hitting armour and all.

The MG’s are pretty good at stripping armour off leaving the sensitive bits exposed for close range precision SMG or Automatic Rifle fire.